Episode 142 “Tall Caramel Macchiato!”

Episode 142  “Tall Caramel Macchiato!”

Episode 142  “Tall Caramel Macchiato!”


We’re Live! No Sonmez. John is attending a Tony Robbins event or concert.  Derick talks about how his MacBook Pro kept crashing during mastermind calls. Derick said the main issue on the mac was a bad video card. It will be replace for free from Apple. Derick mentions that he likes the upgrades of the new mac book pro, but does not care for the touch bar.


Derick talks about working on upgrading an older MacBook pro to make it useful for work. Derick says he had a great week at Watch Me Code. He talks about building his launch sequence for his Docker project. He also shares that he has gain some subscribers.


Derick shares that he is going to give a 10 percent off code starting Monday. Josh mentions that he like what Derick is doing, because he is getting dual purpose on his material. Derick says that he is using a guide to help focus on the projects people need.


Derick talks about how he likes his new screencast mastermind. Chuck talks about a new mastermind he just joined. Chuck talks about a surprise in his bookkeeping that he did not notice. Chuck talks about where all his revenue this past year and talks about all the different services that he pays for to help his business. Chuck is looking into what he can cut for the new year.


Chuck shares that he wants to earn over $200,000 next year. Chuck talks about hiring several people off of UpWork.


Derick talks about his usual Monday tasks, and task for the rest of the week. Josh asks about how long the editing takes for the videos. Chuck mentions using and app called Toggle.


The EntreProgrammers talk about the work habits and ways to build a working routine. Chuck talks about how he does not want to lower prices on his products. Chuck ask how to go about this.


Derick talks about what he might do with the RabbitMQ bundle. Chuck mentions doing a beta sales for Get A Coder Job.


Josh shares a disaster a Simple Programmer. Josh talks about his emails that generated 5 sales.  Josh talks about runs a list for a person who is selling his book. Josh talks about the plan he created to help up the price and sales of this launch sequence.


Derick mentions that he forgot to ask for emails, for the EntreProgarmmers Mastermind. Please give Derick the email you wish to use for joining the Slack groups.

Thoughts for the Week!

Chuck – Get to work on the stuff you can control.

Derick – Make sure you have a good backup of your stuff.

Josh –  You can do so much more with what you have then what you are doing.