Episode 141 “This Is Going To Be Huge!”

Episode 141 “This Is Going To Be Huge!”

Episode 141 “This Is Going To Be Huge!”


We’re Live! Derick warns us he may be disappear due to his faulty MacBook Pro. Derick notices the John’s sound has improved. John complains about the labor cost for hanging pictures in his home. Derick says to hire a handy man so he can’t work for anyone else but you.


John talks about a launch he did not mention last week called, 10 Ways To Make Money Off Your Blog. John shares the details of the mini launch. Josh shares his mistakes and troubles with the links and launch in general. John talks about a death ray and check list… rant in progress…


John talks about how mistakes can cost thousands if you don’t have checklists. Derick concurs with the need for organization and checklists. John talks about having use FireSub awhile back for task management and checklists. Derick suggest using the notepad app over building a complex systems of apps.


Derick talks about his new mastermind and what the members are doing for work. Derick talks about how he had to preach about email sequences to his new mastermind members.


Josh talks about the email marketing analytics of Simple Programmers’ launch. John talks about how their knowledge up till now is equal to an MPA on topics like marketing and creating products.


John talks about how more sales pitched toward developers. But John is thinking about changing that information. John and Josh talks about how they are backing up their 100 dollar guarantee.


Chuck talks about doing a beta version of a product. Josh share his thoughts on learning from videos verses reading a document. Derick talks about his view on creating videos and his audience absorbing information about programming.


John share more on his Ultimate Podcast List on Simple Programmer. John says that this is a great list for developers. John says he actually wrote some code for the podcast list project.


John says he is going to create the Software Developers Podcast Awards!  John talks about his ideas for nominations and creating traffic for this project. John is thinking about a 1000 dollar prize among other things.


Derick suggests talking about the spin-off groups. EntreProgarmmers are shutting down the application submissions. Next in progress is figuring out standard operating procedures.


Derick suggests that people begin talking with one another to get things coordinated while starting up the spin off groups. Derick is thinking that a Slack channel can allow people to start owning some of the task to create a podcast.


Chuck shares that he has been hitting a brick wall with website and signing up for webinars. Derick talks about Docker.

Thoughts for the Week

John – Consistent wake and start time!

Derick – Some times its really fucking painful to fix things.

Josh – Focus means saying no to things you want to do.

Chuck – Get motivated..