Episode 140 “Dragon Team?”

Episode 140 “Dragon Team?”

Episode 140 “Dragon Team?”


We’re live! Derick talks about the new macbook pro, but might be leaning toward the new Microsoft surface. John thinks Microsoft bought out apple for new ideas.


EntreProgrammers talk about how your keyboard will get jack now by the new virtual bar on the new macbook pro.  Derick has issues with the new power supply for the new macbook pro.He mentions that he has tons  of chargers for the older macbooks.


Josh says he was excited about the release of the air pods, but they keep pushing off the release date.


John says he has t-shirts designed for Simple Programmer! John mentions that he also updated his podcast list.  John thinks his t shirts will sell fast.  Josh cracks jokes about John wearing small shirts to show off his muscles. John talks about the process of the podcast lists.


John talks about having issues with Zaxaa and missing out on about 500 sales. Josh talks about  all the issues with shopping cart software.  John talks about complaining to the Zaxaa company about losing money and not fixing their software.


Derick says he got 9 new subscribers since the pricing change at the beginning of October. Derick is getting a 1.7 conversion rate. Also Derick is talking about re-emphasizing the bundle sales.


Josh thinks that Derick’s business will being growing considering the new information and pricing. John says that he should be able to keep up because of the new messaging on the Watch Me Code website. Derick talks about his client work and getting board with the projects.


Derick talks about doing client work and maybe an overnight upgrade job. John says to ask these questions by mirroring his client. John says that it should only be looked at as a job that pays the hours worked, and not to care to much at it.


Derick says 11 people have signed up for the mastermind group. Derick talks about possibly using Slack group channels to help communication between the members. John says they need to review all the applications to weed out all the psychopaths. Derick talks about his snooping tactics on applications.


John talks about deciding how to divide up the mastermind groups. Josh talks about doing a 24 hour challenge as apart of team building.  John explains his idea of how all the podcasts under EntreProgrammers will function.


The EntreProgrammers  talk about creating a standard procedure or code of conduct for each group incase things arise.


John says he is excite about creating a EntreProgarmmers movement!

Thoughts for the Week!

Derick – Understand pricing structure.

John – Who you are on your worst day, is who you are.

Josh – Very rarely are there silver bullets.