Episode 139 “Spin-off”

Episode 139 “Spin-off”

Episode 139 “Spin-off”


We’re Live! With a new 1 hour format. John says we should beat up Bernie supporters. because they are weenies. John talks about the new ideas for the creating a spin-off group who are similar to the original mastermind of EntreProgrammers.


Derick talks about already starting in other Slack/Mastermind group. Derick talks about the big name groups and process of the new mastermind.


Josh suggests having the spin-off shows on the same feed. John suggests sharing the website hosting of the website. Chuck suggests perhaps creating a paid type of mastermind to create a serious and working group.


John talks about maybe charging 50 bucks a month, and create an application process to group people together.  The EntreProgarmmers talk about how they can help with the process of creating the new spin offs, and paying for a portion of the cost for podcast production.


Chuck and John agree on creating Facebook or Slack groups for communication purposes. Also the EntreProgrammer talk about the logistics and ways to pay for the podcast production and hosting.


The EntreProgrammers talk about creating events the should be like  a “Passing the Torch” of what the EntreProgrammers mastermind is about.


Go to: entreprogrammers.com/apply, to apply for a mastermind group hosted by the EntreProgarmmers.


The Entreprogrammers talk about how to create ways to collect and pay it’s production fees.  Derick talks about how PayPal works for this type of business process.


John says let see how many crazy people sign up, then they can get the process in place for new spin-off podcasts. More to come in the mailing list.


Derick ask about what he should do, if he should continue with the monthly and annual memberships, or focus on individual product launches. John suggests doing everything, from T-Shirts to expanding out to other type of products and services.


Josh suggest focusing on the launch of new products and monetize on them, then rolling them over to monthly memberships that will attract more prospects.


John suggests that Derick should find someone who is 5 times as successful, and duplicate their success. Josh talks about the difference in the product launches and evergreen content.


Derick is talking about killing his RabbitMQ website

because everything is out of date.


Chuck suggests that Derick should do both types of production if he can. John suggests to continue looking  at what Wes Bos is doing. Derick mentions that he does not want to alienate his current subscribers in that area.

Thoughts of the Week

Derick – Change is inevitable.

Chuck – Get a vision, figure what time you need to get it done.

John – Wake up early…get everything done, to have you time.

Josh – The simple tool that you use in better than the complex tool.