Episode 138 “Debbie Downer”

Episode 138 “Debbie Downer”


Episode 138 “Debbie Downer”


And the dumpster is on fire..   Derick talks about laughing a docker  management cheat sheet for Watch Me Code. Derick says this is publish along with his ebooks an such. So far he has   170 downloads since a day ago. Derick says he did notice that people have been using junk email address, just to get the download file.


Derick says he got some good feedback through the Watch Me Code Slack channel. Derick talks about his further plans for the features he want to add to Watch Me Code.  Derick says he want to use Twitter to help with the Docker.


Derick mentions that he has been doing a lot of video editing, since he doesn’t have an editor anymore. But he is noticing things he can improve on. Derick also is seeing new subscriber on the annual package.


Derick mention that he is going to wait and see if the changes he made to his site, are going to payoff in the next few weeks.  Josh says it is interesting to see the monthly signup compared to before. The EntreProgrammers talk about the monthly plans verses the annual plans.


Josh talks about upgrade to annual plans. Derick talks about tools he is using to implement these new features.  Chuck mentions a develop edition for Content Pro.


John talks about having more thoughts on quitting the internet again. Because of tax laws and financial stuff.   But Simple Programmer is going to spend the profits to pay  the least amount go taxes across the shareholding between Him and Josh.


John talks about losing some discipline in his workflow…getting close to burnout. John talks about getting the discipline back inline, and he is doing more work in less time. John says to compress your work time to get more done, because of a time crunch.


John talks about the new Blogger Workbook product. Also he is talking about a new video call !0 Ways To Make Money Off Your Blog.” John talks about plugging both Derick’s Watch Me Code website and Chuck’s Dev Chat TV websites as example of ways to generate income.


John talks about how an idea can lead to generating more income. Derick says that it works if you already have an audience. Josh say if you have not audience, do thing similar to what Noah does and ping people on Skype.


John talks more about brain storming ways to gain a bigger audience, even in the late quarter. John is reading/listening to Grant Cardone’s book  Be Obsessed Or Be Average.  John talks about final registering Simple Programmer as a trademark.


Derick talks about a friend who was using the name Cake Boss for a software company, verse the TV show. EntreProgrammers talk about Trademarks and logos.


John talks about having a sound guy come in and treat the room for sound. EntreProgrammer talk about room treatment for recording. John says his Code Newbies Podcast just launched. Josh talks about the new signups.


John says he did a video on Trump, about the leaked tapes.  John mention that he does support some of Trumps ideas. John says people get butt hurt when he tell them to use their brain and not blindly follow.


Josh talks about freaking John out. Josh is putting big boy pants on an creating an email course. Josh says to John that he is not going to do a product like this until Milestone 2 is in the bag. John explains his plans for revenue and how he sees him and Josh working together.


Josh talks a new Real Estate Investment product, and people are asking to see John buy a house and invest in property in Kanas City. This is a new launch idea for the real estate course at a $1000 price point. Josh mentions a 10k course as well, where John holds you hand every step of the way.


John says he is on Chapter 43 on his new book. John talks about a controversial chapter in his book. John continues talking about prejudice people experience no matter what.


John think that they can get a 5 to 1 conversion rate on his new book. John shows an example of a book, that he would like to emulate for his next launch. John and Josh talk about possible platforms they could sale their book.


Derick ask if the EntreProgrammers as a group is doing their job anymore as a mastermind. Derick say he has nothing to contribute during the times John and Josh talk about their business.  Josh gives some input about the place where he is at in his business.


Derick ask how can they start to benefit from the meetings, at the stages in their entrepreneurial journey. EnterProgrammers talk about the stage their podcast is at as of now. Possibly shortening duration of the podcast?


John talks about changing the format of the podcast to an hour, and it will be a group of friends talking about their business.

Next week will be an hour podcast!

Thoughts of the Week

Derick – Some you have to stop doing new things and look at whats happening…

John – What you perceive as burn out, might be the opposite.

Josh – Be a finisher!