Episode 137 “We Just Need to Clone Ourselves”

Episode 137 “We Just Need to Clone Ourselves”


Episode 137 “We Just Need to Clone Ourselves…”


John suggests changing up the EntreProgrammers theme song to a dumpster theme song. Derick talks about his parents visiting and introducing them to new technology.


John mentions visiting Wendy’s in Kansas. John also so shares finishing his half marathon and 5K runs.  John talks about how he cannot help dominating anything.


Derick mentions that Watch Me Code is having a great week since he did a pricing experiment. Derick says its a combination of new prices and new content. Derick says his website now visual fits his business, services and programs.


John says Derick’s dumpster in not on fire anymore. John says he likes the new framing. Josh ask about how Derick is using RayGun. Derick talks about about his referrals are coming along.


Derick shares how he is getting a lot of traffic and things are growing for his business. Josh talks about nailing your position in your USP, and how the sky just opens up. Derick talks about his strategy to make things work out for his site.


Derick continues to talk about how he is formatting products on his Watch Me Code website. John says this is what Derick is meant to find for helping create solid direction for his business.


Josh looks into the analytics of Derick’s Watch Me Code website, and gives some insight on the clicks what people are gravitating too. Josh and John have the same idea on creating a streamlined shopping cart software.


John talks about the processes he and Josh are using in the Simple Programmer. Derick talks about how he uses Stripe to take payments by credit card. Josh ask about how PayPal do their payment process.


Josh rants about a service he is using on Simple Programmer that is broken. John talks about creating a SAS product for tracking. John talks about Drip cookies for tracking. Derick says that is how every re-targeting system works.


Chuck says that he as an internet entrepreneur is finally getting into the marketing tools side of his business. John rants on the tracking tool idea for marketing.


Derick says he will not be impress until the software works. So just build it!. John says they are rocking it at Simple Programmer. John mentions that Josh is close to his Mile Stone! John says that picked up hired.com as a sponsor.


John just mentioned that Simple Programmers’ baseline revenue is 20K. Josh is about to reach his milestone.  John says he is on chapter 39 on his next book. John shares the revenue report on his first book on all platforms.


Josh says that Amazon will be another traffic source after John’s new book is launched. Chuck says there is no more Bubba on the team. Chuck says at this rate he has fired a person every month.  Chuck shares about the work load of his current employees.


Chuck is talking about using UpWork to hire a bunch of people for one job, and pick one of them. Chuck had to new panelist for the Ruby Rouges podcast.  Chuck says he is building the panel slowly to get the right people inline. Chuck reads some feedback and emails about Ruby Rouges.


Chuck asks about the sales opportunities during and after a webinar. Hopeful he has some sales twinkle in. John mention how he would never promote someone else’s product again, because of the conversion rates.


Chuck is buckling down to finish off the book he is writing. Chuck thinks that a redesign, similar to Derick’s project would be good for Dev Chat TV.  Josh suggests, just building in Thrive to test the pages out.  Chuck talks about inviting people to the conferences.


Chuck tell us that he sign up for Patreon for some of the account at Dev Chat TV. Chuck talks about how updates for his backend website. Chuck is reading about how to do 12 week years.


Chuck says he has his sponsorship stuff all figured out.

Thoughts of the Week

Derick – Forward Always, alway forward.

Chuck – The things that are really worth doing, are the things that are not easy to do.

John –  Learn to love the fight!

Josh – You are never done with the basics…