Episode 136 “Bubba Don’t Play Dat!”

Episode 136  “Bubba Don’t Play Dat!”


Episode 136  “Bubba Don’t Play Dat!”


EntreProgrammers give Josh a hard time  about facial hair. John talks about the golden age of 36. John share that he is going to be running a half marathon in San Jose CA. Chuck mentions that he is at Microsoft Ignite. Chuck gives the variety of sessions at the convention.


Chuck mention that he made 300 dollars on this independence sale. He is not sure what he did wrong. Derick thinks he was discounting to many products, so them people are not sure about the sale.


Chuck talks about one of his hires, Bubba. Who is suppose to be the social media expert. Chuck is having a rough time getting feedback from Bubba. Everyone says to urgently fire Bubba.


Josh ask what are the exact duties of Bubba’s job, then post the job on UpWork, and hire 5 people to audition for the job. Chuck ask what should he tell her next?


John says to have a standard level for new hires, like Rodrigo at Simple Programmer.  Chuck talks about the task that Bubba is doing that might be in progress. John talks about the tasks he eventually had Rodrigo take over.


Derick talks about the grammar and small detail issues he deals with.  Derick further mention the training process with new hires. John says that you cannot teach good work ethic. John talks about writing a chapter on Dealing with Your Boss, in his upcoming book.


Chuck says he is going to reach out an try to get on .NETROCKS. John talks about the value an employee should  bring to a business.


John mentions listening to Tim Ferris. Derick thinks John is drinking the “Kool-ade”… John talks about doing your job the best you can, not matter what your job title is. Mop those floors up to upper management. Josh talks about working a Radio Shack and cleaning toilets. Derick talks about cleaning a gas station restroom.


Chuck talks about working a K-Mart.  Derick talks about doing a less than stellar job at Watch Me Code this past week. Derick says he may have lost out on a couple of sales, due to a code bug, on the check out system.


Derick says he has just become a WordPress developer, and may sell his programs for WordPress.  Derick says he knows the efforts to build this business.


Josh talks about the birthday sale. Josh shares the details on the email he sent, and only had one sale.. Josh says there was an issue with the check out system. Come to fun out the system was broken and he may have lost out on some sales.


Josh talks about how the discount codes are not working properly with the check out system. Josh and John say the sales are going up because of the payment plan they are offer with Simple Programmer.


John says the Patreon is dying out.  Chuck in not sure in it affects things. EntreProgrammers talk about the Patreon setup and the goal they want to reach with using it.


John thinks that Chuck should do both version of the sponsorship, and double dip. Chuck says that he is not sure what to giveaway to do this sponsorship.


Derick talks about a documentation base on getting sponsorships. “Pom Wonderful Present the Greatest Movies Ever Sold”. John talks about using the Ring doorbell camera kit.


The EntreProgrammers discuss more home automation kits, and safety features. Derick ask about more information about the Ring system. Josh says the home automation industry, needs to not replace everything for certain automation services. We still need the physical product.


Derick talks about the Microsoft equipped car that sometime have bluetooth failure. Josh mentions the driverless Uber in Pittsburg. Josh says not to takeaway his earbuds. John talks about interviewing Eli the computer guy.


Josh talks about the new Avengers movie. EntreProgramers geek out on the Marvel and XMen movies.


John talks about signing up for Pay Checks. Josh talks trash about Net Suite, for logging hours.  Josh thinks that the Time Tracking and Shopping Cart people should get together.

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Find a way to get some downtime…

Josh – Understanding how you do things is very valuable.

John – You got to cut yourself free.

Derick – F U I’m doing it anyway.