Episode 135 “ The Dumpster Is On Fire”

Episode 135 “ The Dumpster Is On Fire”


Episode 135 “ The Dumpster Is On Fire”


Derick talks about his 38th birthday sale, and had 16 sales of the yearly subscription. John does some math, and says that Derick should maybe drop some prices on his subscriptions, because he found a price range that sells.


Josh says just change the prices without announcing the price change. Josh suggest to drop the prices incrementally, until he see sales come in. John says this is good new for finding a price range people are buying in.


Chuck asks a question about discounts for his products. Derick talks about the randomness of doing discounts. Chuck ask if this is a good way to let people know that you have stuff to sale.


Derick says he can finally pay down some credit card debt. Derick shares that he started seeing a therapist. Derick says he needs to working not being an asshole on his downtime. Derick shared that he will begin weekly therapy.


Derick says this is death of thousands of paper cuts. Derick mentions that if you are struggling, make sure you get help. Derick shares that because he works at home, his personal life and working life are so entangled, that its hard to separate the two.


John suggest to Derick, that he should look into Awaken The Giant by Tony Robbins. Also perhaps attended a Tony Robbins event.  John says it does not matter how sharp you are, if you are struggling mentally.


Derick says that it is difficult to make a choice on the many therapist out there.  Derick says to pick the first one on your google search, you can always see someone else.  Derick says to check OSMIhelp.org if your want to learn more.


Derick says that he is not in a depression, because he has been there. he just need to learn how to reach to things he is dealing with.


John talks about getting into a funk, and it is a constant battle. John says that astronomy may have something to do with their funk that they are in. John try to do some manual zoom. Derick says that despite the issues he was experiencing, this was a very productive week for him.


Derick shares the many different updates he did to the website. The EntreProgrammers talk about using avatars to help their marketing or target market.


John talks about Josh’s ring pull-up moves. The EntreProgrammers talk about the important feature on a website, and guided learning on websites.


John suggests doing a free introduction to Java Script course on Udemy.  Derick says that he would hate to support that company. John says the dolphins get kill when making tuna…


Chuck ask if Derick needs more help, after all John’s metaphors to describing being serious. Chuck talks about doing his webinar for the Ruby Rouges listeners. Chuck explain where he want to go from here. Chuck talks about what more people want to hear on the show.


Chuck about doing a show every two weeks. Chuck say he is going to opening up the show to questions. Chuck talks about get rave reviews on a project idea.  Chuck says he is going to Microsoft Ignite.


Chuck talks about updating how people signup as guess on his shows. Chuck talks about his employees and how they communicate with him about work. Josh suggest a tool like Trello, to keep in contact with contractors, and progress on projects.


Chucks for advice and maybe  doing a step by step with a one of his contractors to help the process. Chuck say he is going to be more mindful on the precess on teaching his contractors processes.



Chuck talks about moving the conferences to DEV Chat TV. Chuck is trying to fugue out how to do a custom page, and adding the talks. Derick explains his workflow and how to, on Chuck’s question.


The EntreProgrammers give feedback on the actions to take on contractor doing working, and where they should be, as far as being handsfree as an entrepreneur. Chuck ask he should redesign the webinar site. The EntreProgrammers give advice to Chuck about website template and building in features.


Derick says his PHP code is garbage. Derick ask if Chuck is using Slack for his shows. John says Bubbas are highly qualified people in Chuck business. John says he is gong to be interview Eli The Computer Guy on Monday. Josh is a now full throated supporter.


Josh talks about promoting on youtube, and ways to get more traffic. Josh talk about his tactics to warm up your traffic, and retargeting, on Simple Programmer. Josh thinks all shopping cart software on the market sucks!


Josh talks about implemented a payment plans to How to Market Yourself, and got 26 sales. Josh suggests to Derick that he should try it on Watch Me Code annual subscriptions. Josh also mention the one dollar offer.


John and Josh talk about testing verse real business testing, as far as marketing goes. Derick talks about how those test or studies are in control, but in the real world things vary. More talk on studies and real application.


John talks more about psychological study and “meta game changing.” The tactic stops working!

Thoughts of the week 

Derick – If you need help, get the help.

Chuck – If you serve people well, when you need them, they will come out and help you.

John –  Can you hold on to progress you’ve made..

Josh – Invest time and understanding how you tick.