Episode 133 “Lean Manufacturing…”

Episode 133 “Lean Manufacturing…”


Episode 133 “Lean Manufacturing…”


No John or Josh today. Derick talks about getting Quickbooks online, and fired everyone that works for him. Derick has a lot of questions about this next stage and the ins and outs of Quickbooks. Derick is trying to figure out out how to connect banks, PayPal, and payment processing into Quickbooks. Are John and Josh automating the payments?


Derick mentions working with figuring out the connection of finances to quickbooks for two hours. John might be trying to connect to the call.


Chuck talks about getting his act together and start blogging and connection with LinkedIn. Derick says that was what Mark was working on, to help create a constant stream of content. Derick shares that he was giving away some stuff on Docker.


Derick talks about repackaging his content and figuring out his emailing system. Derick mentions having 30 sales of his RabbitMQ book on LeanPub. Derick is puzzled on how these sales are coming in, because he is not doing any marketing for them.


Derick mentions that he is in a tough spot, now that he does not have any one to help him with his content editing and creation.  Derick shares how his workflow use to be when he first started to creating videos, compared to today’s duties.


Chuck talks about his video editor’s tasks list, who helps with his projects. Derick says he has been taking over things that he once use to do in the past. Chuck shares that he is hiring more people to help with his conference schedules. Chuck says he is ditching Crowdcast for WebinarJam. Derick says for he may switch to WebinarJam as well.


Derick asks about the chat type systems built-in to webinar or a google hangouts for video conferencing. Chuck mentions goofing a link for a webinar, but he does have 170 people signed up. John mentions to Chuck that only 40 people may show up for the live event, even if that many people signup.


Chuck talks about having two events scheduled conferences on the same day. Kind of a tight situation…


Derick shares that he is messing with an idea, and writhing code, instead of all the important business stuff. Derick asks “how does he get there…”, He ask himself if he should turn monthly subscriptions back on.


Derick talks about a helpful post from Josh Pigford’s blog of Baremetrics. Derick talks about how that one new thing is not going to solve your problems.


Derick talks about his “fails” that he knows about, and should fix. Derick talks about an email conversation about fixing problems for a presentation.


Derick talks about how his pricing structure is that near PuralSight’s price list. Chuck talks about being the “Bridge Gapper.”


Chuck thinks that Derick is headed into the right direction and needs to solidify his ides for success. Chuck and Derick want to clone Josh for their businesses for ad copy. .Chuck asks about Derick’s vision. Derick questions his business. “Is it my business?”


Derick ask if there is something wrong with his business, or if his business a viable business? Chuck thinks it is.  Chuck says he runs into the same questions with his business, and ask if he just screwed up.


Derick ask if Chuck would be willing to take care of EntreProgrammer’s sponsorship duties? Derick says he is failed at taking care of the sponsorship stuff. Chuck shares his view on the sponsorship of his podcast.


Chuck mentions that he ignored his book writhing and Rails Clips, because of all the thing he has been doing.


Derick talks about the book The Marine Corp. Way, and the type of work models that are involved.


Chuck will be in Atlanta  Oct. 25th to the 1st of November. Anyone up for a meet-up?

Thoughts of the Week

Chuck  – Keep moving forward.

Derick – Tweaking all the knobs of the business… You got to be somewhat organized.