Episode 132 ” Bridge Gapper”

Episode 132 ” Bridge Gapper”


Episode 132 “Bridge Gapper”


We’re Live! Derick quotes the classic software developer movie “Office Space.” John talks about pissing off the internet again. John talks about the different views of a creationist or evolutionist on his youtube channel.


John says that the more you look into a “cracker jack” idea, there is some sort of compelling agreement.


Josh talks about the up coming censoring on YouTube. John again talks about the different scientific hypothesis of life, creation, or evolution. Josh talks about losing some subscribers on patreon.


John says that something that is scientific, doesn’t ave to be true. John talks about epigenetics and experimentation for induced results.


Derick finally gets to talk about his last two weeks. He mentions that he has a couple new subscribers, and somethings in the business are broken. Derick shares that he is seeing at least 10 people drop a month.


Derick thinks that he need to present his content in a more unique way, to help subscribers. Derick said that the material is there and that he need to help the subscribers see that material they need. Derick is getting help to learn how to present his material in a more simplified way.


Derick says that he feels that he has been throwing money away on marketing efforts. He is not sure what to do. Maybe go back to a monthly model as far as subscribing to his program. John thinks that Derick need to get his bookkeeping in order, to understand the expense on marketing efforts. This way, Derick can budget out the funds for marketing. Chuck thinks that Derick’s problem is customer retention or on boarding new subscribers.


John asks what is the one thing that Derick is good at. Josh talks about he purpose of niching down. The EntreProgrammers give their opinion about the direction Derick should take for acquiring more customers.


The EntreProgrammers talks about the strategies Derick should think about in order to present himself as being awesome.


John suggests offering some free content to lead to paid content. Chuck suggests having someone advocate for his products as the next step in advancing a programmer. Josh suggest doing a 4 week class to generate income.


John ask if Derick is shooting himself in the foot as the “bridge gapper.” Derick mentions that he does not know which decision to make on all the ideas available to him.


Josh suggest that more traffic is not the problem, but Derick should be analyzing data. John suggest that Derick should stop paying for marketing, and figure out who to make cash fast to get out of the trouble he is in, and then come up with the marketing and messaging plan.


Josh shares an example email with Derick to help understand that need of his customers. Derick ask it is worth to spend money on setting up Quickbooks. The EntreProgarmmers are planning to help Derick, by referring him to their network of marketers.


John suggest that Derick sign up for a subscription to quickbooks. Derick mention he is very close to quitting a clients project.  Derick does not want to work under this manager anymore.


Josh talk about his webinar this pass week, with 126 seat filled. Josh also mentions that he has to do some affiliate pay outs. Josh shares what work but for him when he does webinars and presentations.


Josh talks about having delayed email with SendGrid, right before the start of his email. Josh shares that he had a person ask for a refund, after he realized that he was not a good fit for the webinar.


John shows am example of Josh’s Simple Programmer business card. Chuck mentions that he is following Josh’s example of how to do a webinar. Chuck says he is still figuring out how to do these things with Thrive.


Chuck is talking about hiring a couple of people to help him, since Mandy is not working for him anymore. Chuck talks about a dilemma one one of his podcasts about race.


Chuck talks about how Josh had bought a webinar platform, and he waiting to see if it is worth it for him. Josh think so far it is probably worth the money.  Chuck mention talking about Webinar Jam.

Thought for the Week

John – Explore a lot of crazy stuff, there is value in a lot of different things.

Chuck – Sometimes it really sucks.

Josh – What is the dent in your world.