Episode 131 “ I Have a Bad Case of Normal”

Episode 131 “ I Have a Bad Case of Normal”


Episode 131 “ I Have a Bad Case of Normal”


We’re Live!

John mentions that EntreProgrammers got a down vote the last episode. John was a guess on the Coding Newbies podcast recently. John talks about taking what he says out of context. John refers back to and old Ruby Rouges episodes to explain himself in the context of the situation at the time.


Chuck talks about voicing options and having a conversation, rather then immediately coming to conclusion.


Josh talks about the tendency to celebrate differences, rather than common goals. Josh says you will rarely be successful, punching people in the face, right out of the gate.


John talks about the lack of balance content on people social media feeds. People usual have a ton of content on their social media feeds that supports their views, rather than a little bit of both.  John says he respects Tom Cruise. Another Down Vote!


John talks about how fully understanding world views can have a kind of paradigm shift in your views.


John talks about having to take his Surface Pro in for service agian. Chuck wants to learn more webinars from Josh. Chuck shares that he may being adding more webinars/conferences. Josh talks about setting of DPD with Xaphier.


Chuck talks about using Drip to tag people with the product for the sales of seats in the webinar.


John mentions that he uses webinar ninja and is willing to share with Chuck. EntreProgrammers talk about the multiple ways to conduct a webinar, as far as taking payment to the software to run a webinar.


Chuck is hoping to get most of the work done today. Chuck shares some information about the content go the book to build relationships.


John talks about reading “How To Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big” by Scott Adams. John talks about optimizing later… Chuck shares an idea about hiring an intern for a friend.


Josh suggest looking for interns in their late teens or in the later years of high school. John says to round up a few homeless guys. Chuck talks about the language barrier with people from the  Philippines.


John says that Chuck would have to make sure the interns understand that they are contractors. The EntreProgrammers talk about how to document the tasks and time to complete a job.


John says part of the trouble is that Chuck did not document with task with Mandy. Chuck says that John is making more work for him.


Chuck shares that he is thinking about creating a wiki, Josh and John suggest starting in Google Docs. Chuck talks about a payment dispute with Mandy. Josh agrees that Chuck has to pay the late fee, and should end the work relationship.


Josh share a story about selling an item on Ebay. John gives advice to put the ball in her court to make a fair decision on the late payment fees.


Josh shared that they had a crappy product launch on the Simple Programmer sight. They are hoping for incoming sales at some point.  Josh is calling this the BS detector for real estate. John says this is spending 500 dollars to see if you really want to do real estate investing.


John and Josh share the possible stories for the real estate project to help warm up to the audience. John says the that people could buy the course and tell them what they might be missing, and they might get it.


Chuck ask about the steps of a launch that Josh and John are using for their recent projects. Chuck ask about prefacing the subject line on emails.  Josh says to test several subject line to see which work best.


Josh talks about the automation of the How to Market Yourself email course. John talks about gaining more subscribers  about 4500 a month. John talks about the mystery of YouTube analytics.


John mention that after Entreprogrammers today, he is going to be on .Net Rocks podcast. Chuck ask if anyone has use Medium.

Thoughts Of the Week

John – There was an intelligent person who made these goals. If you feeling bad, you are just in a bad mental state.

Josh – More people work only hard enough to make it work…”

Chuck – Sometimes you need the time off. No need to panic.