Episode 130 “Troglodytes”

Episode 130 “Troglodytes”


Episode 130 “Troglodytes”


We’re live! No Derick today. Derick is conducting his webinar. John talks about being late because of  being sucked into a Youtube comment.


EntreProgrammers continue to talk about the distortions in reality. John talks about taking the reality punch when meeting with the mastermind.


Josh asks about Chuck’s question on the up coming conference projects. Chuck talks about using Member Press for ticket sales. Josh mentions a feature called Events in Drip.


Josh mention way to keep audience warm for the tickets sales. Josh says to target last years audience with an email. Josh recommends broadcast to Chuck.  Josh talks about forgetting to publish a draft.


Josh says lesson learned is not to get too tricky with your automation first time through. Do it the simplest way possible.


Chuck is trying to decide if he should do and Early Bird pricing like last year. He mention to really needing to do an early bird ticket sale. Josh and Chuck see not real issue in doing an early bird, depending on the price difference.


Chuck mention doing the early bird to create urgency and doing a double launch.


Chuck thinks that Java Script, Angular and React are going to do best for this year. Chuck talks about the scheduling of the conferences for the best sales.


Josh talks about selling 30 seats for his upcoming webinar. Josh mention that he could possible get some help with at email for Bob Bly. This could help get more on his email list.


Josh talks about people reaching out the him and John for content to add to a passive income bundle from Azat.


The EntreProgrammers talks about seeing familiar name from hyper responders on their emailing list, as they sign-up or opt-in to products, programs, or services.


John talks about how his Surface Pro is running hot, and never using the tablet feature or disconnecting it.  Chuck talks about his iPad Pro and how appealing it is as a tablet. Josh says he is over using a tablet.


Chuck talks about his long journey with his Mac, but is thinking about switching about to Window or Linux. John mention he would not go to Linux.  Josh talks about the trouble he had when he first move to a Mac.


John talks about the changes between Mac and Windows, and the conflict with touch screen. John talks about the possible future of computing, like the Hololens.


Chuck ask about how to fit exercise into the his schedule. Josh talks about this routine for exercise and daily habit he built-in to his work day.


John shares that he runs an hour and half as a standing appointment everyday. John suggests starting the day with the most brain intensive activity, because your attention wears down.


Josh talks about the creating deficit in caloric intake, and creating overhead in the exercise daily. John talks about changing your location to make changes, like a boot camp situation.


John mention that he is still not back to where he left off in weight, before he went to China. Josh mention that he sign up for SumoCon in Austin TX. Josh shares more on the “How To Market Yourself” email course.  Josh talks about the differences this course will make for those who are interested.


Chuck asks about the notification in Thrives and patches to correct and issue. John mentions that Youtube subscribers are jumping and growing to 35,000 subscribers. John talks about a controversial thumbnail on one of his Simple Programmer videos. Video


The EntreProgrammers talk about controversial topics on race and how people talk about different cultures on nationalities

Thoughts of the Week!


Chuck Focus on one priority a day

JoshWhen you push yourself consistently for awhile, you redefine what your capable of doing.