Episode 129 “To Busy To Shave”

Episode 129 “To Busy To Shave”



“To Busy To Shave”


We’re Live! Derick’s room lighting looks different. Derick shares his new lighting setup and new camera. New tools for new projects?


Josh shares that he just recently ended his experiment with home automation. Its a train wreck and more trouble than its worth.


Derick talks about getting addicted to playing No Man’s Sky video game. Listen to Derick geek out on this game.


John talks about feeling like he wanted to shut it all down.. Talk him off the ledge people. John shares that he wants to expand out and move on more automation and new projects. Josh says to try acting.


Josh talks about how comments on the Simple Programmer YouTube channel, 100s of people say John looks like Matthew McConaughey. John says he had be mistaken for Jeff Goldblum.


John shared that he was on The Faster Than Normal Podcast, an ADHD topic podcast. John talk abut his encounter with the Host of the FTN Podcast and their discussion topic on ADHD.


Chuck says he started setting up the automation of his business and setting up his Calenldy accounts. Chuck asks about “Gravity Forms.” Josh talks about using A WordPress content feature.


Chuck mentions that if he automates the conferences, he will not have any work of Mandy to do, and may not need her help. Chuck mention that he is working to automate the projects. John says that Chuck needs to document the process of the jobs, so the automation part is easier to implement.


Chuck talks about the change up of topics on Ruby Rouges, and how it is less about tech. Chuck mentions that Ruby is use as a stable system to build stuff.


John says that Chuck needs a Python show.  Chuck shares the rough stats of the podcasts show on his Dev Chat network.


Chuck is trying figure out how to be a better person and rid his bad habits. “Its Just stuff”


John gives us an update of his book, Soft Skills, and its sales in China. Currently, his new book is developing or being written. EntreProgrammers discuss the possible topics to write in the book with John.


Josh talks about the road map he wanted to see as he was up an coming as a programmer. Josh thinks that the goal is that these areas exist for developers. Chuck talks about how this book is the difference between learning to get a job and source control.


John say this book is his “magnum opus”. John says he has several chapters to complete before it is done.


John says to book will be done way before the blog posts are ready to go. Chuck mention he might steal this tactic.


John talks about getting off track on his diet plan, but he shares a tactic to get back on track.  Not Shaving. John is doing some extreme fasting and exercise at the same time.  John is going to pound some pickle juice? The EntreProgrammers talks about their diet and exercise plans.


Johns says the difference between anorexia and body builders is muscle. Josh talks about promoting a product, and is trying to make a $1000 total. Josh is hiring a coach to get his project done.


John and Josh talk about how to create a product for Josh to sale. John says that Josh needs to learn to make Youtube videos, because he is going to be the Simple Programmer guy. Josh mentions he is struggling with create the product.


Josh is talking about an October release for his new product. Josh says that webinar has been getting traction. Josh says that the new email for “How to Market Yourself” is out and he is waiting for the product to pickup sales.

Thoughts of the Week

John – Have systems in place to remind you of what you want to become.

Josh – Hire a personal trainer..

Derick – Accountability is important….

Chuck – Changing one thing to make a difference.