Episode 127 “Turn Your Head and Cough”

Episode 127 “Turn Your Head and Cough”


Episode 127 “Turn Your Head and Cough”


No John today! John is lost behind the Great Firewall of China.  Chuck and Josh are going to be gone next week. So no EntreProgrammers next week.  EntreProgrmamers discuss their encounters with playing Pokemon with their children. Chuck mentions that this is a great way to connect with his kids and to spend time with them.


Chuck talks able automating stuff and working on scheduling podcasts tasks. Chuck talks about finishing up the press kits for sponsorships. Derick spots lego collector items in Chuck’s office. Derick shares he likes build legos, even without the kiddos.


Chuck talks about the different format of the sponsorships on his podcasts. Chuck explains the exposures numbers, mid roll format that will be available for those who want to buy spots.


Josh asks about how Chuck is working wth hired.com. Chuck mentions that he is using pretty links. Derick mentions that Chuck should be able to use the Pretty Links as he described.


Chuck mention that he is going to be moving over to Blubrry for more stats on his podcasts. Derick ask if people really do use the RSS feed for notification on podcasts.


Josh mentions he is going to be cutting off Meet Edgar to save on expenses. Josh mentions that he could save 600 dollars after dropping Edgar, among other useless tools. Josh mentions to look at your analytics to see if interaction is there before you stop using tools.


Derick talks about the official Twitter cards plugin, and  how it is helpful. Josh shares engagement and impression numbers for tweets.  Josh talks about is issues with his tweets.


Josh talks about the changes that will go into effect soon with tweeting and boosting of tweets. Josh mentions that because of this Edgar is not useful to him anymore.


Derick ask about Josh’s interaction on Twitter. Josh mention he may not be active enough. Josh mentions that he may have lock down a sponsor for Simple Programmer. Josh said he is excited because this may get him to milestone one.


Josh says that he is cleaning up old Simple Programmer stuff. He is have Aaron go through tasks for Josh. Josh loves delegating. Josh mention because of this he was able to crank away at more important task.   Josh talks about his struggle with building out his product, because he does not have the system down yet.


Chuck says that his resistants are getting started and having focus to finish the project. Josh mentions that he may have to announce publicly a least date to help him get things on track and done.


Derick has an relaunch planned  to go out to him email list to target new traffic. Derick talks about his first experience with launching, verses with all the working put into this round of launch prep. Derick is frustrated with having to put more working than anticipated.


Josh ask what is going on with Derick’s pop-up, as far as numbers and stats. Derick says he has nothing else to do, but to take care of these backend issues.


Derick talks about losing subscribers. Josh thinks that when Derick does a big push, he gets his numbers back up.  Josh asks what or when he could do another push to bring in more customers. Derick says that his plugin may need custom code to make things work.


Chuck talks about maybe getting Dev Chat TV redesigned, Chuck talks about how this will take time and money to get this done. Josh ask if this is worth the time and money, and will accomplish a specific goal for his products, program, and services.


Chuck urges Derick to look at other system to help with the membership programs. Derick mentions the the API on Restrict Content Pro has great features for developers. Chuck describes what system he is using and how that does similar feature to Restrict Content Pro.


Derick mentions that the bundle sales are declining as well. Josh asks what does he need, and if they could reverse engineer a plan to help the situation. Josh talks about ways Derick could do a discount on his products to increase the sales for a short time.


Derick says that he continuously tries things that are suppose to work, but are not. Derick is not sure what to do as far as marketing. Derick says that firing all his editor will solve that money issue, but that means tons more work for him.


Derick talks about how he is 10 grand in credit card debt and needs to pay into his retirement plan.


Josh mentions that Derick should do a one month pricing plan that is only to a small part of his list.