Episode 125 “China, Firing, and Burning The Boats”

Episode 125  “China, Firing, and Burning The Boats”


Episode 125  “China, Firing, and Burning The Boats”


We’re live! Chuck talks about his chat with Mandy. Chuck shares that he is moving to a fixed price for work on his podcasts. Chuck mentions that he tried to negotiate getting the podcast editing down to a lower cost, but no success. However, moving this to another team may save a ton of money in the long run.


John thinks that Chuck should replace Mandy entirely and not feel guilty about it. Chuck mentioned that he had never looked at editing prices before.


The EntreProgrammers talk about value base pricing and raising rates as a freelancer. Josh mentions that your quality of work has to be 10X if your are in to commodity base pricing.


Chuck mentions that these are real people in his business and he still cares about them. But the process and cost no longer fit with his business.


Chuck talks about Podcast Movement 2016 in Chicago and the amazing people his got to meet. Chuck mentions learning about using video on SnapChat, Periscope, and YouTube Live,  as apart of creating a bigger network for podcasts.


Josh talks about how tools are abandon as soon as marketers figure out other effective ways. Chuck has an idea to manually tag the episodes on his network and put them into Meet Edgar.


Chuck talks about learning tons at the Podcast Movement, especially building more networks on social media such as Facebook groups. Chuck talks about the inner working of a prerecord webinar and how to use it to get audience in conflicting time zones.


Chuck shares a trick of handing out playing cards with his information, rather then business cards.


Josh ask Derick about his collaboration with Mark. Derick shares is plans on the marketing strategy with Mark. Josh gives some suggestions to Derick.


Chuck ask how he found someone like Mark, to help him with marketing, copy writing, and emails. Derick mentions it was waiting on fate on drop him in your lap. Josh mentions that it is hard to find someone in the US who knows what they are doing for copywriting.


Derick suggests rev.com for transactions. The EntreProgrammers discuss when they create content, and how to focus intently to get things finished.


Josh shares trying to get through projects and stripping his gears. Josh talks about adopting a formate similar to Johns real estate video project.


John talks about TSA pre-check, and how it is worth the time.   John talks about getting ready to go to China.


Josh talks about holding down the fort while John is off to China. Derick share his new subscriber numbers.


Josh and John talk about spending tons of money on business expenses. Josh shares that in Google analytics he learn to tag people.


EntrePrograrmmers discuss how webinars are conducted and the future of building a business using webinars.


John says he is a 68,000 words on his new book. John thinks his book might be delivered in two volumes.  John shares the new logo design is complete, and no backlash on the change up.


Chuck mentions that he may do a Dev Chat TV redesign. John says to bring back flash. Josh shares some information on a Google analytics measurement on bounce rate.


Chuck ask how to get people to click on the link of the pick on his podcast pages. Josh suggests the subscribers should signup for email to see the picks.


John suggest using landing pages to the best picks. Josh says it is not selfish to ask for emails.


John talks about dropping to 8% body fat and gain 2 pounds.

Thoughts of the Week

John –  Don’t look that the world through the lens media portrays it…bb

Derick –  Stop starting and start finishing.

Chuck – Commit and life your life.

Josh – Burn the boats