Episode 124 “Keep Those Huskies Mushing…”

Episode 124 “Keep Those Huskies Mushing…”




Episode 124 “Keep Those Huskies Mushing…”


Alright, We’re Live! No billionaires and going for over two years. John discusses a subscriber who is struggle to make his entrepreneur goals work. John has been try to understand where he is going wrong.


John talks about his presentation at the CA Code Camp, and experimenting with multiple way to get results and generate more income.


Josh talks about committing to a specific goal, but not a specific way to get there. Josh says one might blog for 2 years and still not get anywhere. John thinks charisma is major part of personal development to help support building entrepreneurship or a business.


Josh says one should practice in their area of talents. The Enterprogammers talk about diving into area they struggle in. John says that failure may be due to the lack of confidence.


Josh scares John about not hitting certain goals. John and the Entreprogarmmers talk about control, goals, and success.


John asks, when do you know you are course correcting too often? Derick asks what part of the plan did not work out for someone with two thousand videos of content.


Josh talks about pulling the plug on Sublime. John says he was not going full-bore at Sublime. The EntreProgarmmers talk about working at fast food restaurants in their earlier days.


Chuck talks about reading Procrastinate On Purpose by Rory Vaden. Chuck asks what he should do on the technical issues of podcasting with Mandy. Chuck discusses the processes that Mandy does for the podcasts. Chuck is trying to figure out exactly what she does and understand the processes of the business, but not to fire her.


John tells a story about Elon Musk working with an employee who wants a raise.  John says to Chuck that his business is not growing when his employees are not providing processes and evidence of growth.


Josh talks about switching to an abundance mindset, rather then a scarcity mindset to help the business grow. Derick says he thinks that Chuck is having trust issues with his employees.


Chuck agrees he may have to have a difficult talk with his employee. Chuck asks when does he have this conversation with Mandy. Derick ask if his business can do without Mandy for 2 weeks.


John says that Chuck has to stand firm on his own plan, and if his employee don’t want to follow, then they have to go.


Derick shares a story at a former job, about a upper level CTO who thought he was indispensable. Derick says Chuck may have to find 5 people to replace the one person, but the process with be better define.


John says if Chucks situation goes south quickly, then he will know that he made the right decision. Derick says all he has for this week is complaining about his business. Derick gets lectures from the mastermind on staying the course.


Chuck agrees with John that Derick is coming up for air to much during the process of working on the business.


Josh talks about potential energy, as far as capitalizing on bundles overtime rather than sooner. Derick says he has seen no evidence of profits on all the things he is trying, even when collaborating with Josh.


EntreProgrammers talk about hitting their revenue goals on their individual businesses. John talks about how he wants to shoot for a million dollars a year from Simple Programmer. Derick says it is hard destroying his income taking chances on trying new things for his business.


Josh says as long as you’re able to pay your bills, it does not matter. Derick is not sure what he is suppose to do for the business. Derick shares what videos he has to produce in order to get keep going with his business.


Josh is confident that Derick can get the project done by end of July to launch that new product. John suggests awaking up one hour early to work on the project. Derick says that is at 4:30am, for all of July.

Thoughts of the Week

John – There are people on the internet giving you money for something you made!

Chuck –  Priority: The one thing above all things.

Derick – Priorities are the things you actually do…

Josh – The value of being over or under prepared.