Episode 122 “Veiny Bastard”

Episode 122 “Veiny Bastard”


Episode 122 “Veiny Bastard!”


We’re Live! Derick says he hired his first person on UpWork. Derick shares that he had to revamp the first posting of the job, with Josh’s help to get more people to apply for the job.


John talks about the changes in UpWork’s contracts with their Freelancers. Josh talks about the changes in the amount of people that apply for the jobs posted, as well.


Josh suggests to Derick to do an email blast to possibly find people in their audience, before using a freelance service to hire people.


Derick is now going to be working with a developer/market who moved to Waco, in the same town where Derick lives.  Derick mentions a possible joint venture if things start pick up.


Derick shares his penthouse letter story with the team about a ink pen incident.  Derick shares that he found out he had a friend that had went to school with Ryan Deiss.


Josh shares that he wrote some Java Script over the week, and work on their Simple Programmer stores.


John gives an update that they hit just over a thousand dollars with people pledging of the Patreon launch. The EntreProgarmmers talk about the inner workings of the Patreon system.


John talks about mindset and being able to overcome the societal limitations. John gives examples of the armless archer. “Figure out what it is, and use it!”


John talks about listening to Lest Brown, motivational speaker. John talks about being prepared to become whatever it is that they want at any given time. John says the people sometime don’t realize how important mindset is to the mastermind.


John says he is doing a Simple Programmer redesign. Also some talk about tuning their children into young entrepreneurs and having them help with selling products for the business.


Then EntreProgrammers talks about learning to design and taking idea from others. John shares that he is being recognize randomly by people around him.


John talks about his Simple Programmer workout program, and dropped to a substantial low body fat. John talks about interviewing Dr. Testosterone, and discussing a workout program for developers. John talks about creating two different diet programmers called Simply Cut or Simple Shredded.


John shares his ideas for creating a marketing program for the new Simple Programmer product. Derick thinks John should change or differentiate the names of the programs further.


Josh says he will do the exercise and learn the science of the workout program. Josh gives pointers about the step by step changes one has to make throughout the training plan.


Derick mentions he wants to be a guinea pig for the workout program and building good habits. Derick mentions he learns quick when he has to make drastic changes when it come to diet. Derick makes a good point about how the program will appeal to the common developer.


John plans around shooting video for the exercise program after coming back from China. John, comes back talking about mindset and understanding specific results for the exercise program.


Chuck talks about getting back into the swing of things after a vacation in Oklahoma.  Chuck talks about hitting the newbie market, as a new product.


Chuck talks about getting some ideas from another podcasters in area of sponsorship. Chuck mentions before hand, people were paying per quarter. But now he will be going to a per episode sponsorship  program.  Chuck is looking into a CRM for the quick email turnaround and sell podcast sponsorships.


Chuck talks about the exposures and press kit number, to get the price of a sponsorship.

Thoughts of the Week 

Derick – Do the thing s that make you uncomfortable, or you will not grow…

Chuck –  Just get some time and turn it all off..

John – Subject yourself to that, that imposes on your life.

Josh – You have a lot more to offer, then you realize.