Episode 121

Episode 121


Episode 121 “Pasty White…”


We’re Live!  Orangey John and Pasty Josh.  John talks share his sign up for a half marathon. 13.1 miles in just under 2 hours. “I just sign up yesterday!” Josh shares his knowledge on training for a marathon from his former client.


Derick talks about doing his webinar, telling a story, and missing his transition back to the topic. Derick will be posting his video to Youtube and several other videos will be free. Derick sounds like he had some success with his webinar, which then gave him more ideas for other projects. Derick mentions that only if you are registered or a member, the other supporting videos are behind the pay-wall for 250 dollars.


Derick asks for help on creating a one-click link in Drip for a campaign he has created. Josh shares some how-tos, and other experience with campaigns. Josh shares how to do a Trigger Link.


Josh talks about temple style or fill in the blank emails for ad copy. Derick talks about struggling with not making sales with the new subscription model. Derick asks which way to think about the issue, even if he is only getting smaller sales, verses the top tier subscriptions. John suggests a step-up offer for the subscription models. Derick says he is psychologically drained over the slow sales.


John thinks the bundle sales are going to be great up sales in the future, and the membership are great for renewals. John suggests staying the course because the long term is what will make the revenue. Derick is asking what will have the income source in the next 4 months. Josh suggest ways to support the bundles with webinars.


Derick talks about how the marketing aspect is the most confusing part of his business. Josh and Derick discuss the express JS project and marketing strategies. Josh says that Derick has maxed out what blogging has done for his marketing, and now he has to move on the other strategies, like webinars.


Derick talks about how he meant a younger version of Josh, who just moved to Waco TX, where Derick lives currently. Derick ask if it is a good idea to collaborate with this young marketer/coder. Derick talks about maybe having this guy do the cataloging, and redoing previous work, and comparing.


Derick think this is a great opportunity to work with this young coder/marketer. Derick thinks the universe drop this dude into Derick world.


Josh shares that he is doing an email course on email courses… Josh says this is inspired by the Copy Hour. Josh says he is going to launch this course in September. Josh shares his ideas about build the avatar and building the lessons for his project. Josh says he is worried that he does not have enough content.


John think that Josh’s project helps with acquiring referral base type projects, because this is a difficult field to break into. Josh mention doing a free webinar with a couple of guy who are doing online summits, interview professional marketers. Josh think this will help build his list for his upcoming project.


John talks about the life span of things you are known for as a specialist or an authority figure. Derick thinks that Express JS is going to be the next popular code language.


John shares another story about running, and getting people to do something they hate, if you have the right medal. Josh shares their product sales and conversation rate for Simple Programmer. Josh thinks they are getting people who they’ve gain trust with on this wave of sales.


John talks more about that Patronage project and his plans. John talks about his Youtube and revenue. John is talking about creating more revenue with the patronage and getting rid of ads, and support from the members.


Derick talks being able to getting one of his videos into JS Weekly, which up his Youtube subscribers.  John says he has moved his video production to 2 videos per day. Josh suggests to John to get the smart cells standing pad for his standing desk.


John mentions he has over 20,000 words for his next book. John shares his “pomodori” techniques. John shares how to get shit done…with pomodori. John says his new book is design to grow with the book.


Derick ask about how to do an email gate. Josh suggest using Thrive. John talks about an idea for collecting emails and opt-ins. John makes a great point of 3 things you should know about out-sourcing.

Thoughts for the Week

John –  Whatever you are doing…make sure to have it scheduled if you want to be prolific.

Derick – When is comes to your business, make sure you at least have a solid working knowledge for what you are going to out source, before you out source.

Josh – Just because you are not committed to something, does not mean you are not committed.