Episode 120 “Crabs In A Bucket”

Episode 120 “Crabs In A Bucket”


Episode 120 “Crabs In A Bucket”


John is having some modem troubles and Derick is excited about his new couch. Derick talks about rediscovering some forgotten toys under an old couch. Derick talks about how an old subscriber had renew their subscription with Watch Me Code. Derick also share some update information on his refund plan.


EntreProgrammers discuss their refund tactics and how to go about using the trail window before getting a refund. Derick continues on about customers looking for a specific series on his Watch Me Code website. Derick talks about how feedback from his customers are giving him new ideas about products, bundles, and marketing strategies.


Chuck mentions trying a walk through of the product for the customer. Derick talks about the community on Slack. Derick says that there are a few people joining slowly. Derick is still working on the marketing on the JS Jabber project, and is now see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Derick talks about a story he is using for his marketing strategy. John mentions his desk is finally coming, but only in pieces. John asks for some advice for a patronage project for Simple Programmer. Josh asks what would be the cost for the patronage to get rid of ads, but provide the value without interruption from ads.


Chuck asks if the project is worth the work involved. John talks about checking out others projects to see the possibilities. Chuck ask if John considered a membership rather then using patronage. Derick talks about how he rather have a once a month charge for the patronage.


John talks more about his random bachelorette party encounters on his beach runs. Chuck shares that he lined up a new sponsor, and he is taking Josh’s advice on booking sponsorship base on the quarters. Chuck ask what they think about mid roll sponsorships. The EntreProgrammers talk about when they think Chuck should send out the invoice.


Josh shares a Dan Kennedy strategy. Derick ask about a particular strategy for buying sponsorships. John makes a great point about doing a non refundable deposit, maybe a 20-30 percent deposit.  Chuck asks again about mid-roll sponsorships and getting conversions. Chuck shares a bit about the sponsorship show-clock on the podcasts. John talks about conversions on mid-roll sponsorships.


Chuck talks about growing a following on podcast and emailing lists. Chuck also talks about getting his webinar stuff setup. But he needs help with the support stuff, but ask if he should have Mandy take care of that stuff.  Derick thinks this is a great opportunity for her to get experience with something new.



Chuck mentions being introduce to Gale Laakmann McDowell, author of “Cracking The Coding Interview”.  Chuck is thinking that he wants to get her on-board for a webinar. Chuck talks about what Gales does and what the marketing company does for her.


John ask how Chuck’s book is coming along. Chuck says he has a couple of chapters and is a rough state at this time. John mentions Chuck needs to find what appeals to Gale, because she already has great success with her book.


John says he has 11,000 words on his next book, and most are going to be blog posts. Josh says to watch out because his content is going to already be out before the book publishing. Derick recommends talking to a few people who have already done the blog post and self publishing.


John talks about being on the up tick of the roller coaster ride of their sales. Josh explains his projects with sublime and sumo me. Josh shares more on his attempt to optimize his content and ads. John talks about the promotion with Dan Martell. Josh says he is not going to mess with SSL…


Chuck ask about blogging and where he should setup his blogs. Derick talks about his experience with splitting the sites up. Derick has 368 people signed for a webinar.


John talks about pissing people off about ADHD on Reddit and getting a few unsubscribes.  Derick talks about limiting beliefs, and the reality of the things you can actually do. Chuck talks about what is fair and entitlement.

Thoughts for the Week 

Derick – Stop saying I Can’t…

Chuck – Why do yo do what you do…

Josh – You don’t know anything until you teach it

John – Before you say I can’t, check your effort level.