Episode 119 “Burning The Boats”

Episode 119 “Burning The Boats”



Episode 119 “Burn The Boats”


We’re Live! John says his office still does not have furniture. John mention he is going to China. also his book is being translated. Derick says to only drink bottled water.  John mentions that his book has exploded on Amazon Japan.


Josh says they’ve hijack John’s book.


Derick says he still want to punch Josh in the face. Derick shares his frustration for figuring out the marketing stuff, but instead writes code. “Holy Crap, I hate doing this…” Derick talks about may creating a teaser video for the new direction he is taking.


Josh says least he is learning more about marketing if anything. On the positive side, he has not made any sales or subscriptions. But the individual bundle sales are picking up. Derick says he is still trying to figure out why people have not gravitated to the annual subscription sales.


Josh show us a stack of transcriptions. Derick talks about how the project has already taken over 40 hours.


Josh talks about a Dan Martell project, and shares the details about his marketing strategy. But no real success. Josh mentions the list is everything are far as marketing to an audience. John mentions he has never seen an affiliate offer work.


John talks about sharing a marketing list for commission to Josh. Josh and John talks about the time it takes and types of tasks to run a successful affiliate offer. Josh says he is never doing another affiliate offer, unless they have specific details inline.  John says that a white label strategy will work best.


Josh talks about doing an email blast with John. Josh talks about the story behind the email of the 5 learning mistakes. Josh, again realizes his email marketing super powers. John says gaining 1500 people to your list, and have the product sales pay for itself is  a good strategy.


Josh talks able a one click video recorder Screencasstify . John share that he is pumping out tons of video.  John says that subscribers are growing, 26,000 and growing.


Derick’s youtube channel is growing and subscribers are growing as well. As least one third the rate of John’s channel. Derick talks about repurposing some older video content. John talks about writing a new book, “The Complete Software Developer Career Guide.”  Derick mentions considering writing several smaller books.


Derick talks about republishing a student’s content on his site, plus a screencast bundle for a “Getting Started Guide.” Derick thinks this will help him out tons.


Derick mentions a new RabbitMQ blog,  coming out soon. Derick says he has several requests for an e-book and videos course. John talks about writing more, doing at least  a thousand words a day. John says he is the f”irst draft king,” with very little editing. John talks about maybe self publishing his new book, plus a kindle and audio version.


Chuck talks about being a in a tight spot with paying people, because of sponsors being late on payment. Also maybe producing a webinar and a e-bok with videos. John talks about being “the squeaky wheel” and asking for payment from the sponsors. Chuck says his biggest expenses are paying Mandy and Hosting.  Derick agrees that he should bug the the sponsors about the money.


John says Chuck has to change something or raise sponsorship prices in order to stay out trouble.  John says the greatest thing to do is to get to the point to where we do not to care about whats in the check book. Expenses less then Income.  Josh suggests doing the webinar before the book.


Derick talks about his past process for releasing a book with pre-sales of chapters. John talks about burning the boats completely to the ground, or not doing the whole process at all.


The EntreProgrammers give marketing advice to Chuck, and help plan a strategy for his webinars. John urges Chuck to put something on the schedule. “No revisions or edits”


Derick is just thinking poop…Derick has 320 people sign up for his webinar. EntreProgrammers talk about webinar technology and the “how tos” of conducting a webinar.


Chuck ask about a specific format for a webinar. Josh gives some feedback on what he should do. Chuck talks about getting hung up on the numbers of sales on spots of the webinar. The EntreProgrammers talk about ways to market the webinar.


John shares that last week he was gone because of a talk he had to do in D.C. Again, John mentions he loves doing talks without slides. July 11th, John was invite to speak again. John thinks he was under sold, he might have to raise his fees for talks. Maybe 10K on up? EntreProgrammer give feedback to John.


John and the EntreProgrammers talk about and agree on 10K pre talk, until people say that it is to high.


John gives an update and Diet and Exercise and possibly and new course. John has been run 7 miles and no rest days. This is a ‘willing to do whatever you can without steroids.’ John think this is going to be a good marketing point.


John goes deeper into the body fat percentage and different work outs to achieve it. John starts to whisper…? “Is my wiener hanging out of my shorts..” John thinks that hitting a certain body fat percentage maybe a solid selling point for a new diet and exercise program.


Derick wants to pitch Josh over the boat, and Chuck wants to do the same to Derick.

Thoughts  for the Week 

Derick – “Don’t look at the elephant just keep chewing”

Josh –  “Taste the elephant first…”

Chuck –  “Figure stuff out and get rest…”

John – “Small decision equal huge gains…”