Episode 118 “Crapalytics”

Episode 118 “Crapalytics”


Episode 118 “Crapalytics”


And we’re live! Josh apparently is cracking the whip on Derick. Derick is doing the brunt work on researching for marketing and he i working on the persona or avatar for the course he is building.


Derick mentions he has 254 plus people signed up the webinar launch. Derick hope to gain customers from the webinar. Derick is looking for a guess speaker for the webinar, so he can focus on the marketing.


Derick says he wants to tie in the Watch Me Code projects into the webinar and continue the questions in for the products in the Slack channel. Derick mentions the webinar will be available on YouTube.


Chuck talks about how to understand an avatar for marketing purposes. Josh explains the demographics of an avatar and how to marketing to this particular type of person.


Derick talks about how working on the marketing material such as emails are sharpening his marketing skills other areas. Like marketing for his new bundle.


Josh talks about how getting into ‘the work’ will trigger something for you to understand the actual experiences and pain points of your audience or customers. EntreProgrammers talk about the Myers Briggs Test.  Derick talks about how this help you understand your preferences and should not to be taken to seriously.


Derick share a book he is reading by Alex Harms at: leanpub.com/littleguide. Derick shares that this will help understand empathy on a technical level.


Josh helps Derick with the analytics for projected sales of the annual passes to Watch Me Code. Josh talks about maybe speaking with people who bought the all access pass and those who were on the fence about buying. Josh says that this would give Derick huge insight to the customers ideas about the product.


Derick says he has to much to work on for the business and does not know where to start. Chuck talks about gaining more clarity on the project. Derick talks about working his ass off to get the marketing email right after a years worth of understanding the market.


Derick talks about picking the right story to tell for a marketing strategy, but and things just don’t fall together easily for him. Derick mentions having a difficult time figuring out what to do with the emails and creating marketing material. Derick says he has no time to create the marketing material.


Derick asks how he could find the balance to find customers in the next few weeks and also do research.  Josh shares what he thinks the process Derick should take for the Watch Me Code. Josh thinks that doing a webinar once a month could increase sales on the full access subscription.


Chuck talks about the frustrations he has with creating his Rails Clips material, and getting overdue projects out of the way. Josh shares that Simple Programmers sales have finally picked up.


Josh shares that he is doing a marketing project for Dan Martel. Josh talks about interviewing John, as he talks about failed attempts an an entrepreneur.


Josh talks about doing an email via Java Code Geeks. Josh says that LeadPages has fail him again. Josh talks about writing over an thousand word email for the competition.


Derick ask about the live chat system.  Josh mentions FreshDesk and Olark. EntreProgrammers discuss the types of chat system they could integrate on their sites.


Josh talks about where the fall off was on the Simple Programmers Site. Derick shares that he might have to reverify that the registration page is working correctly.


Chuck asks for some advice on paid traffic, and maybe using Facebook for the traffic. Josh talks a how paid traffic works and that you have to spend a lot over time for an ROI. Josh does not think it is time worry about this project.


Josh says Chuck should focus on emails and growth instead.

Thoughts of the Week

Chuck –  Keep your head above water!