Episode 117 “Its Just Atoms!”


Episode 117 “Its Just Atoms!”


We’re Live! John talks about trying to write a thousand words a day. Josh shares his daily writing strategy to get content or emails logged. Josh shares that he uses the Strides app to help him track his daily habits. John talks about going to back to the KabanFlow for daily tasks.


Josh shares how he has reached 2 to 3 thousand words a day. Josh talks about experimenting with creating video, and how he has to plan the video ahead of time rather than creating it “on the fly.” John talks about editing verses getting comfortable with creating on the fly. Josh shows new his selfie stick for video production.


Chuck shares his A/V gear and ideas  on how he records video. Josh and John disagree with the quality of bluetooth, in regards to Apple getting rid of headphone jack.


Chuck talks about his experience with bluetooth headsets. John and Derick talk about offending people intentional and unintentional. Chuck mentions we need to have common sense about these situations.


John says that mental energy expenditure is somewhat equal to physical energy expenditure. So stay off Facebook first thing in the morning. Chuck talks about feeling like crap about not meeting a goal and how that had a huge mental tax on him.


Derick shows off is Star Trek Data t-shirt. Josh talks about making another attempt with Google AdWords. Josh talks about how Google is getting beat up by Facebook as far as marketing strategies. Josh talks about being flagged by Google again.  Josh talks about how someone reaffirmed the usage of emails contact lists and pop-ups.


John and Josh discuss their opt-in form and formula to get their audience to buy.   John talks about the bounce rate from the home page, and those who ‘stick around’ the website.


Here is more talk on metrics on the websites and conversion rates. John talks about trying different strategies with changing the pop-ups and using retargeting pixels. Josh talks about how Google and Facebook could ban you with the use one pop-up in this kind of situation. Josh talks about his idea on how to use retargeting pixels.


Josh talks more about crossing the lines and getting banned from Google. Derick talks about changing to a standard pop-up and not talking about hating ad blockers. John talks about his dislike for display ads.


Josh says display ads are the tail end of the 80/20 curve. Josh talks about how they need a particular feature in Thrive. John talks about when they could maximize on the pop-ups.   John talks about the low traffic from Hacker News and Reddit.


Josh mentions their business was on fire or how sales are tanking. Josh has been doing reviews of everything trying to find a solution. Josh talks about how a perfect storm hit with five different issues happening a once. But they fixed it and turn things around, but only for a day or two. Josh is still puzzled.  Chuck talks about how he is getting and influx of traffic at Dev Chat TV.


Chuck talks about failing on delivering products on several projects. Chuck shares that he may have to reimburse 2k for an undelivered project. EntreProgrammers talk about how Chuck should repay the money on move on.


John talks about  how he is still waiting on the decorator to detail his home. John talks about ordering a new stand up desk with AI.


Derick talks about getting 3 subscribers at full price, one bundle sale, and nothing sense then. So a bit of a downturn. Derick is not exactly sure what pieces he needs to work on the turn things around. Derick says he needs one subscriber a month to make is monthly income.


John suggest that Derick should go to Twitter. Derick is not sure where his sales are coming from. Josh says that foot or cold traffic is a possibility. Derick has just hired Josh to help fix the sales funnel or some issues on the sales page. Josh says he may just need a ‘guarantee’ on the check-out page.


On a positive note Derick’s YouTube channel is growing.

Thoughts of the Week

John – It’s just atoms!

Josh – The ups and downs do not go away…its apart of the game.

Derick –  Understand yourself and take care of yourself.

Chuck – No matter how deep in the well your are, you can still find your way out.