Episode 115 “Pike or Pipe?”

Episode 115 “Pike or Pipe?”


Episode 115 “Pike or Pipe?”


No John today!


Chuck mentions that he has been doing WordPress development all week. Chuck talks about plans for sponsorships and logistical tasks. He is going to ignore all the advice from his mastermind groups.  Chuck talks about the decision he has made with Mandy managing the podcasts.


Josh thinks Chuck should have Mandy document steps just in case. Chuck says he wants to outline expectations for social media and growing the audience. Josh asks how he is defining his role. Chuck says has change his title to CEO and handling business relationships.


Chuck says he is going to do a kickstarter in June. Chuck mentions that he is the public face of Dev Chat TV, and that is the value he brings to sourcing business to Mandy. Chuck is the vitamins!


Chuck ask if he should get permission to monetize on the videos from the conferences he holds. Josh mentions how some people charge the same prices on videos as the price to hold the conference.


Chuck talks about doing a Slack channel for the conferences coming up. Derick says to do a private channel for each remote conference.  Chuck ask if he should use the free Slack for all these remote conferences? The EntreProgrammers talk about the tiers that Slack offers, and how the public uses it. Chuck talks about private add-ons.


EntreProgrammers talk about doing taxes and paying estimate quarterly taxes. EntreProgrammers discuss finances since they have a firm footing in entrepreneurship.


Derick is about to flip the switch to annual subscriptions for $350 and drop the monthly subscription.  Derick says he is very nervous. Derick talks about the climbing views on his Watch Me Code videos.


Josh mentions that getting Youtube coaching on lead magnets. Josh ask how to get an OPML file for podcasts.  Josh talks about the traffic to the Simple Programmer sales pages, and email conversations. Josh says he might rewrite the email pitch.


Josh is going to do an Ultimate Podcast List, but wants some direction. Chuck says he should give specifics on how to do it on the iTunes app and other players. Josh says he has decided to merge his Sublime content with Simple Programmer. He is going to give people a chance to opt out if they don’t want the content. Josh doesn’t know what to do with his Sublime twitter account. Derick says to pin it to the new location.


Josh has decided to make a product about email courses.  He may do a kickstarter for the project, not sure yet. Josh says he will use it as a list building tool and sell in for 97 bucks. Josh mentions the people he can interview for bonus material. This is going to be a pitch similar to the work he done for “The 10 Step of How to Market Yourself” course. Josh realize that a project like this is a great way to grow his email list.


Josh talks about being invited to a webinar with Perry M. Josh talks about the questions for the webinar audience.


Derick mentions working on Watch Me Code stuff as they were recording the podcast. Derick talks more about the new Watch Me Code changes. Josh suggests a joint venture idea to Derick.

Thoughts of the Week!

Derick – Raise your prices.

Josh – You need a unique selling proposition

Chuck – Simplify, and what you can’t simplify, automate!