Episode 114 “Burn Your Business To The Ground”

Episode 114 “Burn Your Business To The Ground”


Episode 114 “Burn Your Business To The Ground”


EntreProgrammers are joined by Adrian Rosebrock from pyimagesearch. Derick asks Adrian how he was able to make his kickstarter campaign successful. Adrian explains what his blog and business are about.


Adrian explains that the first two days are early signs of the success of your campaign. Adrian mentions he aimed to raise just below the full funding. Adrian shares how to get funded faster, as far as providing tons of value.  Adrian talks about reverse engineering the campaign to reach his funding goal.


Derick ask what was the criteria and the goals. Adrian talks about the early bird backers and the different tiers pricing.


Josh asked how the 25 dollar tier worked for the subscription. Adrian continues with a launch plan and email.


Chuck talks a bit about the past kickstarter he did, and ask if a previous semi- failed kickstarter would hurt future campaigns. Derick talk


Derick ask about validation and pricing of the tiers. Adrian explains the tier pricing. Adrian talks about advertising and creating validation. Adrian talks about reaching out to your list and do some researching before jumping into a kickstarter campaign.


Derick mentions he might be interested in doing a kickstarter in the near future, for additional work. Derick talks about his plans for the campaign.  Adrian shares more about tactics for validation from your audience.


Derick shares his ideas with the e-book.  Chuck ask what Adrian’s other marketing his has done before the kickstarter.


Chuck shares that his ebook, along with a course would make a lot of sense. This leads Chuck to thinking about doing a kickstarter campaign as well. EntreProgrammers and Adrian discuss annoying emails.


John talks about testing his confidence on the beach. Based on what people were asking about when he speaks of confidence. John talks about getting an email from an organization call women in tech.


Chuck ask about implementing video along with a kickstarter campiagn. Chuck wants to know how important this type of media is to the platform.   John talks about being authentic and loose in front of the video camera.


Derick mentions that he just got his Slack channel started and has a few people on the channel. Derick shared his short story to get people on the Slack channel. Derick says he is still manually getting people on Slack. Derick explains why he chose Slack for a forum type platform.


Derick says he wants to some type of automated system to notify people about engagement in Slack. Derick shares his ideas on what the official cut off will be for the Slack channel.


Chuck talks about using MemberPress. Derick talks about killing his monthly subscription on May 1st and only go to the annual model. Derick talks about matching the value proposition, to the price, is a big job as he make the changes.


John mentions that it is good that Derick has a date set for implementing all the changes. John mentions that they hit a new milestone with product sales. Over 10K! Josh talks about where the sales are coming from as far as the funnels. Josh talks about issues with paragraph space in Thrive.


John mentions that Josh’s copy is doing great for the “10 Steps Course…” Derick mentions that his evergreen funnel is still doing great for the the RabbitMQ bundle.


Josh talks about his Sublime list. Derick ask why he has not sold it to Wes. Josh mentions that it is costing him 500 dollars a month to keep in running. Josh look into how many people are actually opening the sublime emails. Josh talks about maybe doing some small projects or products.


John says to drop the list in the the Panko Machine to hit milestone one. EntreProgarmmers suggests that Josh should get rid of the Sublime list. Josh is not comfortable with giving the sublime list to Simple Programmer, because he thinks it’s spamming. John suggests sending an email out to tell his list that he is now a partner to Simple Programmer, so it is not spamming.


Adrian agrees the that dropping the list into another campaign might get Simple Programmer black listed. Also, he should only worry about getting to the 49 percent ownership of Simple Programmer.  Josh has a lot of thinking to do about what to do with the list.


Chuck talks about the Freelancer episode 150, and how he and Mandy had a conversations on air about their work contract. Chuck might now pay her a fix rate to take on more responsibility.  The Entreprogarmmers have questions about the involvement in the hiring process for projects in his business.


John suggests to Chuck to start from scratch at see what he needs and does not need in his business. The EntreProgrammers talk about ways to help Chuck sort out the work responsibility with Mandy.

Thoughts for the Week

Derick – Some times you need to get that other perspective.

Josh – Is this something you want to be doing in five years

John –  You are never done!

Adrian – Set traumatic life changing goals.