Episode 113 “Expert Sex Change Host”

Episode 113 “Expert Sex Change Host”


Episode 113 “Expert Sex Change Host”


Derick and Josh plan an 8 hours podcast episode since Chuck and John are out. Derick shares his expertise on gaming consoles, shelf life, and his preferences.


Josh mentions he has been working long hours on the Simple Programmer sales page with eleven thousand words in the bag. Josh thinks he can hack the content down to eight thousand words soon.


Josh shares his strategy for writing the sales page and searching through old material for Simple Programmer. Josh goes into detail for writing the lead and the rest of the email sequence for the courses.


Josh shared that he was home schooled, so deadlines are kind of blurred. But he is trying to make his deadline for John’s content. Josh mentions he did not have any coaching student today.


Josh mentions he gave the tasks of getting testimonials to John and Rodrigo. Josh shares a recent testimonial for a follower of Simple Programmer. Josh says they are reacting quick with the testimonials and contacting the customers. Josh mention that they are not changing the course for How To Market Yourself course.


Derick asks how to create an email that acknowledges your audience’s pain points, but still provides value, even thought you’re digging into a wound. Josh explains starting with a strategic story.


Josh talks about how creating emails for a blogs, means doing tons of research. Josh says to “Giveaway the what, and sell the how.”


Josh goes into the how to’s of AdWords using the Wright Brothers as an example.  Josh talks about the past examples of John’s trials of developing and learning to play guitar.


Derick says he has plenty of crazy stories to implement into his email sequence. Josh mentions the power of telling story as apart of marketing.


Josh talks about how he feels when he writes as a professional. Josh mentions he feels like there is a belt tightening around his chest as he is doing work because of all the deadlines.


Derick talks about getting the motivation to write a blog, and how he trained himself to write his blog content. Josh talks about the techniques for writing for a paper and for school. Josh and Derick agree on reaching exhaustion when writing and creating email content.


Josh talks about switching their site to another digital ocean site with snappier website loads. Faster then CloudFlare. Josh talks about the trials of the ingratiation and updates to WordPress. Josh talks about paying for some YouTube coaching.


Derick shares that his YouTube subscriber numbers are growth with tons of views. Derick talks about all the organizing he is doing, and trying to create landing pages, a Slack channel, and an automated way to invite new subscribers.


Derick is inviting his email list to create a massive Watch Me Code Slack channel. Derick shares how he is setting up his Watch Me Code Slack channel as far as things the members can and can not do.


Derick talks about putting out fires with his discount code issues again. Derick talks about changing the entire marketing material on his sites, but first he wants to build the community first.


Derick says he want the market base around the bundles, but the all access pass allows you the extras and the community on Slack. Derick knows he may get some angry customers, but he still wants to experiment for 2 months.


Josh mentions to watch out for the month of June, things get kind of weird during this month. Derick mentions that his plan is counter intuitive, but the plan looks like a successful one.


Derick talks about building content for the long term, beside going into React and Redux which might have a shelf life for a couple of months. Derick mentions that RabbitMQ in on the uptick of growth, but is linear. Derick also is still selling his RabbitMQ ebook on LeanPub.


Derick talks about how the EntreProgrammers convinced him to go to the subscription model, which has monthly recurring revenue. Josh makes a correlation of how the market changes, and how Derick’s subscription business might be experiencing a shift in the market as well.


Derick shares a bit with the perception of value. Derick and Josh talks about buy domain names…

Thoughts of the Week!

Derick – Tell a good story!

Josh –  Show up and be consistent.