Episode 111 “Retreat in Las Vegas”

Episode 111 “Retreat in Las Vegas”


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The EntreProgrammers meet in Las Vegas for Micro Conf.


Derick shares that he may have found a VA from Spain. Derick is setting up test projects for the hiring criteria.


Derick talks about his ideas for doing a Periscope weekly as apart of his content.


EntreProgrammers discuss video production for their content materials.


John talks about the advertisements and monetization on their Youtube channel. John further talks about his Youtube strategy.


Chuck talks about pain points your audience is experiencing in order to get more options. Josh talks about hiring someone to help with advertising on YouTube. Josh talks about finding a clear lead magnet to help Derick’s content.


Derick asks if he should pay someone to do the banner art for Youtube. Chuck says it would help, but since he already has art for websites he should repurpose the graphics. Derick thinks he really should use his stick figures in his videos ideas. .


John mention VIDIQ to looking for rankings and statistics. Derick talks about curating content on his site. Josh talks about YouTube ad policies and barriers to entry.


John talks about hiring a linux guy for Simple Programmer. John talks about how he hired 5 people to do work on the backups systems of Simple Programmer. John mentions he hired based on performance an communication, because all application were excellent.


Chuck is talking about having Mandy manage a team. Chuck is asking if it worth making Mandy an actual employee, because of the hours she is working according to law. Chuck asks what is the criteria for building out a team. Derick makes a good point that it depends on how he likes to work.


The EntreProgrammers tell Chuck to do a one-off project and hire severals freelancers to do the same job. Chuck says he needs to free up Mandy for other important jobs. Derick asks what kind of test he needs to present to hire for a editing job.


Type in FREELANCER into the contact form for the discount!


The EntreProgrammers discuss the task and cost to do video production. This job may be content management as well.


Chuck talks about one off projects and using a his regular person to do the job. Chuck is trying to figure out exactly who manages what projects on a video, or transcripts, and other projects as far as developing.


EntreProgrammers talks about automating their business to work without them having to be present. Chuck and Derick feel like they are getting to the point that they don’t have the time for creative projects. Finding key people is important at this point.


Derick mentions it took him three years to publish his e-book and get concrete feedback. John talks about how businesses acquire technical debt. Derick say this is how businesses grow.


Chuck mentions possibly hiring someone in connection with his current team members. Chuck is thinking about how to do hiring and how to divide up the tasks. Derick mentions he knows that he should’ve been thinking about this kind of stuff a long time ago, as far as hiring a  good team.


Chuck ask if John and his team are paying for Slack. John says no! Chuck finds that basecamp might be a good tool for his team, to keep track that the project is done.

Thoughts for the Week!

Derick –  It is really hard to hire the right person then it is to hire for technical skill. You are not going to get good at it if you don’t do it!

Chuck –  Burn Out.

John – Never lose the capacity for good things..