Episode 110 “We Need You To Caucus”

Episode 110  “We Need You To Caucus”


EntreProgrammers Episode 110

“We Need You To Caucus”


We’re live! John come to us from his new home in San Diego. John mentions he is enjoying all near by shops, gyms, and beach. John mentions he has hired an interior decorator to help design his home.


Chuck mentions that most people he knows don’t pay people to move their stuff. Mormons give a helping hand when you move.


John talks about he meant an interior designer who also went to the Traffic & Conversion Summit.


Chuck had to postpone the Ruby On Rails Conference, because he was lacking some speakers. Chuck talks about the craze over React. Chuck mentions he is a bit worried about iOS Remote Cont., he mention he needs speakers to help sell the conference.


Josh says the conference should be application based for speakers to apply for a speaking slot. John mentions that Chuck should charge for an application fee.


Chuck talks about the discussion of who is to speak at Ruby Rogues. Also, on losing a panelist on the podcast. Chuck talks about race inclinations and controversy within the developer groups he is working with.


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John talks about what true diversity is really about. Chuck talks more about when he first started the show, and how diverse the group by ethnicity, social status, gender and sexual orientation.


John talks about being on the right path is when you are trying to make something awesome.


John mention he is actually going to vote this time around. John says he enjoys entertainment value in politics. Practically, he does not care… “Unless you have a real impact…you don’t have a real impact.”


Chuck is thinking about putting up a landing page for Get A Coder Job course, and needs to decide if that is a good idea to do so. Josh gives some ideas about themes in Thrive Content Builder for WordPress. Josh talks about how it takes 8 hours of playing with Thrive to make things work.


Chuck talks about having to closeout a business bank account. Chuck starts writing his book on orange sticky notes.


Josh says he is interested in creating a course on “Get Your First Job.” A type of course geared to those in developing. Chuck thinks there is a synergy with all the Simple Programmer Products. Chuck talks about the typical steps of those who are looking for a job and don’t have experience. This courses would cover the dos and don’ts.


John talks about how to target a particular audience and tailoring the content accordingly, but also being able the reformulate and reuse the content for another audience. Josh talks about catching people at the right time.


Josh and Chuck talks about the “HOW TO” course ideas. Chuck ask if this should be under the Dev Chat TV stuff.


Josh mentions his recent email screw up. John talks about the DPD coupon thingy.


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Josh shares the leads that he is going to use of for the next course for Simple Programmer. Josh talks about the pain points he is going to hit on to get people’s attention.


John mentions he is gotten better at hiring people. John mentions a snappy website, and is willing to switch to this 10 dollar service or hire for this service. John shares how these people he is hiring are going to be tested.


Chuck talks about a recent hire for his bookkeeping. Chuck talks about the details of the interview process. John talks about learning his current bookkeepers process and teach someone else on UpWork to take over.


Josh talks about running ads on YouTube, and his process to get people on an email list.


Josh talks about getting targeted by Tai Lopez’s ads. Josh speaks more on figuring out how to get traffic on YouTube to the Simple Programmer channel.

Thoughts for the Week!

Chuck – Things are not always as bad as the seem at the time.

John – Don’t let things….drag you down.

Josh –  Slow down.