Episode 109 “Screencast Leaf?”

Episode 109 “Screencast Leaf?”


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Episode 109 “Screencast Leaf?”


Derick shares he is getting a new Android phone.


Josh is thinking about getting his AdWords account unbanned. Josh does some research and is talking to a guy who could help with his AdWords account, and maybe trade services for the reinstatement. Derick thinks it isn’t a good trade because of the high cost.


John suggests to trade services by doing a consultation and picking his brain to learn how he get Adwords unbanned. Also, John suggests writing copy for him for trade.


John is having to wait of his new house keys as paper work gets sorted out. In the meantime, its SeaWorld time.


Chuck say because he does not have a real job, he has to pick up his dad at the hospital. Chuck says he is changing Mandy’s job description to Chief Operating Officer. Derick ask about the hours Mandy works, and talks about legal work laws centered around contractors.


Derick mentions he wants to hire a new VA. Derick talks about the video editing and other task that needs to be done to get videos published. He asks if it is worth hiring for this position. John give some feedback on his experience with VAs and outlines what Derick should look out for as far as work tasks and time.


John recommends the book From Good to Great by Jim Collins.  John summarizes that people should get the right people on the bus. The EntreProgrammers talk about systemizing the workflow for VAs, and picking those who are motivated to work.


John makes a point about hiring people with a great work ethic, even when the job doesn’t require technical skill.  EntreProgrammers suggest running trials before giving a virtual assistant job.


Chuck mentions it is honest time again. Chuck talks about the issues with his Rails Clips account, and how it was continuing to charge people for a few months now. Chuck says it was about 500 dollars he would have to refund, and including the money raised on the kick-starter. Derick thinks he should complete the videos and kill the project, instead of refunding.


Josh suggests to pick a day to get the videos done and let the customers know when to expect them. Then stick to the date.


Type in FREELANCER into the contact form for the discount!


John and Josh share information on the failed sales attempt for Simple Programmer. Josh gives details about the Drip email sequence issues. John has as few theories, one that it is because it is spring break. Also, the timing and and the batch of people they are targeting might have been off.


Josh wants to try doing a random sample and trying tagging in Drip. Chuck mentions that his mail list is now over 6 thousand people on his list. Chuck also mentions trying to finish his e-book.


John talks about how he was invited to China to do a talk about Soft Skills. John mentions he saw his book in the wild in a Barnes & Noble. Derick suggests he should’ve signed them.


Chuck mentions that he is going to be at the Build Conference right before Micro Conf. Derick is questioning where he wants Watch Me Code to go. Derick says he needs some help thinking through the next steps. Josh suggest calling it Screencast Leaf. John suggest making it a turnkey type of product.


John and Josh talk about building up a list. Chuck thinks the DPD is terrible.  EntreProgrammers talk about what Derick’s options are to improve the overall performance and growth of Watch Me Code.


Derick talks about his Watch Me Code needs. Derick says he may have to wait for a while until he starts talking to people about providing a partnered service. Derick and Josh talk about doing something similar to UDemy or Lynda for his videos.


Josh and Derick agree that Watch Me Code is somewhat of a business to business service. Derick mentions that he got his Deadline Funnel account turned back on. Derick explains how the Deadline Funnel works.


Derick tries to find out if the funnel is cookie based, to implement an email strategy. Derick wants to get the deadline funnel implemented so that his sales will truly have a deadline.


Derick mentions to watch out when working with the Google AdWords guy.