Episode 108 “We Are The Man!”

Episode 108 “We Are The Man!”



Episode 108 “We Are The Man!”


We’re Live! John talks about his moving situation and is schedule to move.


Chuck talks about discovering security issues with a baby video monitor. Derick talks about the the marketing strategy in Samsung smart TVs. John talks about how privacy will soon be a thing of the past.


Derick talks about the FBI and Apple situation. John talks about the how anyone could cancel a flight or an electricity account with  a little bit of information on the accounts or confirmation numbers.


John says in there future it would be a situation of privacy verses identity.


John talks about the DPD tracking and email information from customers. John and Josh talk about how to do tagging and make decisions base on the numbers from Drip.


John mentions that he does not want people to buy a product and get an email for a discount afterward. Derick says he is still dealing with the same issue. Josh talks more about how DPD works.  Derick is trying to set up his PayPal account correctly.


Type in FREELANCER into the contact form for the discount!


EntreProgrammer talk about how people are changing up emails more often.  Josh mentions some tracking practices used to advertised to potential customers. John mentions the efforts in trying to secure privacy when there are no major consequences. Only worry about this if you’re running for Presidency.


Chuck changes to the topic to getting back to work and being creative in his business. Chuck is having a rough time finding a bookkeeper. Chuck shares his experience with trying to hire people for the job. He continues  to talk about the work he is passing along to his assistant, Mandy.


John talks about the work that they have among their virtual assistants and personal assistant. John thinks that some of the work load needs to be passed off to others, so they could do more relative work for the business. Chuck says he does not want to get into the “employee vs. contract” type of work.


Derick recommends the book “Three Big Questions for a  Frantic Family” by Patrick Lencioni.

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Josh learns that he has to say “no” to everything in order to get important this done. John sounds like he is excited about the new automated system he has setup with Simple Programmer, and his VA.


Josh talks about automating some working in the past at TrackAbout. Derick shares his ideas for a new RabbitMQ pitch. Josh recommends some email strategies to Derick for this new pitch.


Derick says he is enjoying working in the Drip Workflows.  Josh mentions he is able to shares some inside info with Derick when he is ready. John mentions to be careful what they call the campaigns. Josh talks about the Planko machine.


Derick talks out the sales and discount codes with Watch Me Code. Derick talks the double opt-in on Thrive.


Type in FREELANCER into the contact form for the discount!


Josh talks about the Canadian expression consent or double opt-in. Everyone apologizes to Canadan for sucking real bad. Derick talks about the constant emails he is sending to his followers.


John mentions seeing an ad for Constant Contact. John and Josh talk about getting template style copy, and how annoying it is the receive them. Josh says he needs relevant information… John suggests that Derick should sell his crocheting patterns. Josh says Derick could not bill developing hours for crocheting.


John talks about the views on Simple Programmer, as he shares information on the in-stream and pre-rolls.  John mentions reaching 19,000 subscribers on YouTube, with plans to reach 100,000 and the end of the year.

Thoughts for the Week!

Chuck –  Find an and solution…

Josh – A little bit everyday, gets you there!

Derick  –  Know when to quit!

John – If you’re afraid to lose, you will.