Episode 107 “It’s Not a Negotiation Unless There’s Blood”

Episode 107 “It’s Not a Negotiation Unless There’s Blood”


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“It’s Not a Negotiation Unless There’s Blood”


And We’re Live! Derick shares more of his crocheting talents, and might be going into to business with someones grandma. More on the dropping subscribers, but increasing income. Derick mentions he may be hooking up a designer for his website. Derick talks about creating a new way to purchase subscriptions and videos.


John ask about the cost for the new designs. Or maybe he should invest in something else. Derick is looking at investing in the designs, so he can free up time to do real work, instead of designing himself.


EntreProgrammers talk about the user research and ways to look at project’s worth. John, Josh, and Chuck have a concern about the idea Derick is thinking about doing. Josh thinks that Derick needs to increase subscribers in order to break even. John thinks content creation will help to increase subscribers.


EntreProgrammers talk about the keyword and SEO optimization to help Derick’s website traffic. John ask to look at what has brought on the most traffic and subscribers. John asks if publishing news letters in JS News Weekly would help. John thinks YouTube would be a great outlet of content for Derick.


Chuck mentions the retreat and trying to help fix Derick’s sales funnel for Watch Me Code. Josh talks about discovering cracks in the wall, verses painting on the wall. Josh suggest working on traffic for Watch Me Code, instead of design.


Josh shares the pitch sequence of Simple Programmer with Derick to help with offers, pitches, and traffic. Chuck sees how this would go into Express Basics. Derick ask if it would be better spending his time on traffic, or launching a new product.


John talks through the ‘all you can eat scenario for the selling bundles and subscriptions.”


Josh talks about the email sequence that he created for Simple Programmer. John talks about addING the email strategy as a course for Simple Programmer.


Type in FREELANCER into the contact form for the discount!


John talks about a recent lifting injury that cause constant pain in his shoulder area. John share his experience with a codeine trip. John talks his sexism in Simple Programmer.


Chuck talks about  his top ten episode emails, and current projects he is tackling. Josh makes some suggest for Chucks emails. Chuck talks about maybe putting together a Drip sequence for his email. John suggests getting an affiliate product to offer for Chucks customers. John talks about White Labeling products instead of affiliates.


Chuck talks about the Meet Up mistakes he made in Amsterdam. Chuck mention he is going to do another Meet Up at Build.  Chuck mentions helping startup podcast for his network. John talks about maybe turning his videos into podcasts. Chuck gives some feedback on the podcast idea.


EntreProgrammers talk about video hosting for a video podcast. Chuck mention this is 11 year wedding anniversary. John is moving next week, and everything is shipping out. John mention he does not understand people on Craiglists. EntreProgrammers talk about negotiations. Derick talks about negotiation with the IRS.


John and Josh mention they have 200 plus pending ideas on their Trello board.


Chuck ask about some advice on a bookkeeper on Upwork. John has some leads for Chuck. Josh gives some suggestion about how to approach someone for bookkeeping.

Thoughts of the Week!

John –  Pain is an opportunity to get down to the depth of your character.

Josh – If your are not blocking time off to do something you say…You’re probably not serious!

Derick – Take ten minutes to have take difficult conversation…

Chuck – Focus. On one major thing at a time.