Episode 106 “We Have Become The Man!”

Episode 106 “We Have Become The Man!”


“We Have Become The Man!”


No Chuck today, because of a conference scheduling conflict. John and Josh have their second meeting for the day, first for Simple Programmer and now for the EntreProgammers. Josh talks about changing up his lighting situation for his office, and other routine workflows.


John talks about gesture base lights fixtures. Josh talks about how voice recognition still has a long way to go before it is easy enough to use. John thinks its probably learning properly, or investing time in how use it, similar to a keyboard skills.


Josh shares his experience with Siri, creating reminders, emails, and other things.


John thinks subvocalization feature will be more useful as it get developed. Josh thinks it is dorky to talk to Siri, or babbling into your phone in publicly. Josh shares more about his new lights.


John mentions final being able to record a video, after having video troubles.  When thing start to get busier,  John is talking about hiring a junior marketer. John talks about possibly having an attack on one of their servers.  John mention losing 3 days of work trying to figure out the problems.


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John needs an expert and Linux an WordPress to get fully optimized. John talks about still using Varnish and other tools.


John and Josh talks about the dropping number of opt-ins on the course site, and looking at the options for testing. Josh notice that the infinite scrolling is not working on the Simple Programmer site. Heres to live testing!  Josh finds that the scroll mat is broken.


John is planning a March sale, and planning to do a sale once a quarter. Josh talks about plans for a spring 2016 sale, and re-purposing some of the sale plans material. John talks more about the growth on his YouTube channel.


John shares that they’ve sold 52 copies of 10 Steps…,   45 copies of the blog course work book, and 16 copies of “How to Market Yourself,” for the month of February.

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John mentions that he just did an interview with PBS or a show call Road Trip Nation.  Josh mentions working on the Tagging system with Drip.


John thinks its funny that he several month ago was try to remove himself from Simple Programmers, but is now the spokes person for the company. John shares more about how he changed his mindset about growing his company. John mentions they have a unique corner in the industry with Simple Programmer.


John talks about the behind the scene work with the small team he has built.  Josh is excited about Maze 2.0 from Perry Marshall. John suggests being used a case study with advertising.


Josh talks about how it is important not to give Rodrigo to much work, or take him out of his talents. Josh mentions that lifestyle businesses are not sustainable in the long run, as far as growing, and the prices of ads and marketing.


John talks about how he will have to find a new videographer when he moves to San Diego. John shares an equipment list he currently has setup for video recording.  Josh talks about the planning for the next product for Simple Programmer.


Type in FREELANCER into the contact form for the discount!


John talks about cleanup all their projects, getting to the point where they can acquire sponsorships in the future.  John shares that a sale had just came in during the call.


Josh and John talk about their sales through PayPal, and configuration with their sales accounts.


John suggests the idea of an EntreProgrammers Slack channel. Josh thinks a Facebook group would be better.

Thoughts of the Week

John – “You don’t have to light yourself on fire to keep everyone else warm.”

Josh – “Daily habits beat, weekly routine”