Episode 105 “This Week In Podcasting Problems”

Episode 105 “This Week In Podcasting Problems”


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“This Week In Podcasting Problems”


We’re Live!

Derick says he was inspired last week. He’s now got two people on annual subscriptions. Also, some work on ‘Watch Me Code,’ and updates the series page, plus a possible video player in the future.


Derick is about ready to call himself “Master of WordPress plugins,” after all the work he has recently done in WP. Derick shares information on WP developing. Derick mentions using Migrate DB Pro, and answers Josh’s questions about DB Pro.


Josh ask if John needs a copy of Simple Programmer running else where…as backup.


John talks about manually migrating a site. Derick swears that Migrate DB Pro is worth using to take care of migration. Josh talks about migrating a customers site at TrackAbout.


Josh mentions that he wants the ability to add tags in Thrive. Derick asks what Josh is doing with the tags. John mentions that Rob should create this feature for them in Drip.


Josh finds other things Thrive can’t do. John talks about the integration and how that helps their needs. Derick ask about the Smart Links.


John talks about finding the next unique thing to do as far as a marketing strategy. Derick talks about how someone out there might have the next ‘big thing.’ John talks about using retargeting pixels instead of pop-ups, and all kinds of configurations to change things up.  Josh talks about the cost of promoting on Facebook.


John mentions to check out Neil Patel’s strategy on his blog posts to “Like” his page on Facebook.


Derick says that for all the complaints they have for Thrive, he really likes using it and is gold he made the switch. Derick likes the screen filler light box. Josh talks about how 85% of traffic does not care about purchasing products.


Type in FREELANCER into the contact form for the discount!


John mentions he is moving soon, and using a full service moving company. Derick talks about using LED lights.  EntreProgrammers talk about moving and service rates for movers. John mentions he is not driving, and is shipping his car to San Diego.


Josh talks about the time shift they with have when John moves to California. Josh mention most of his clients were in California. John is using officially using Slack with Simple Programmer.  Josh mentions having several channels of communication apps when working with clients.


John and Josh talk about not overworking their VA. Josh talks about systemizing in Simple Programmer. John suggests reading “Built To Sell” by  John Warrillow


John talks about finding the leverage points in Simple Programmer. John shares that he is pissing off the internet over a recent published video title. John might lose some subscribers…over this one?


Derick says he can’t stand the stereotype of socially awkward smart people on TV show “Big Band Theory.” John sees the show from a different angle.


Derick and Josh talk about their recent movie selections.  Josh shares his thoughts about the movie “The Martian” and the book version. Derick shares that he fixed the Rabbit MQ issues during the podcast call.


John talks about days before the Cloud. Here is more talk about migrating, to a new computers.

Thoughts of the Week

John – Don’t apologize. Be intention in what you do.

Josh – Not building stuff before you need it…

Derick  – Run with the motivation when you have it.