Episode 104 “Adult Category”

Episode 104 “Adult Category”



Episode 104 “Adult Category”


John shares his recent trip with Josh to the Traffic and Conversion Summit. John talks about the potential growth that Simple Programmer could have in the future. John mention how valuable  the conference was for him. John mentions seeing Gary Vaynerchuk and how he dropped the F-bomb at least 100 times in his talk.


John talks about how Gary V. thinks that Snap Chat is the next ‘happening’ app and platform. John talks about a canning website, and how one can make an offer on buying the domain, base on the revenue numbers. Making money without any risk…


John talks about how Soft Skills could blowup with the marketing skills they have on their side.  John mention their Trello board has 200 to dos in the list.


Chuck talks about how iPheaks got invited to Microsoft Build conference, which might throw a wrench in the retreat plans.


Derick talks about the new direction of Microsoft, and how it is not the same old Microsoft as it use to be. Derick is trying to find his flight confirmation tickets for the retreat and conference.


Chuck mentions going through some ‘funk’ this past week, but is feeling much better. Chuck is trying to get it together for his Amsterdam visit.  Chuck talks about reaching some milestones on some of his podcasts.


Chuck asks for advice about rising the prices for some sponsorship slots in his podcasts. Derick asks what analytics do the sponsors look at to make prices fair. Chuck talks about giving a discount for long-time sponsors, Derick thinks its a good idea.


Type in FREELANCER into the contact form for the discount!


Chuck mentions that he sort of announced he was writing a book on a recent podcast he was invited to. Now he has to write a book! Derick favors Fiverr for a cover art for the book. John thinks 99 Designs might be better. Chuck talks about putting up a blog post for the book. Derick makes of marketing suggestions for the landing page.


Chuck asks about a long form sales page, and when he should create one. Chuck asks about what to do about interviews and payment. Derick mentions making it worth their time, instead of money. Possibly letting them pitch and plug their companies.


Derick talks about how bad “Watch Me Code” is doing still. 7 sign-ups in 12 days.  Derick is working at driving some traffic to the site. Derick talks about moving to Thrive and disabling SumoMe. Derick is happy with the varies configuration in Thrive. Derick talks about giving a month for things to pan out when trying a new tool. Derick shares some features of SumoMe with Chuck.


Derick is planning for the Node JS projects coming up and is currently looking for people who are experts in the platform.  Derick talks about the specialties and the kind of people he wants for the Node JS project. Derick mentions getting contacted by someone off of Twitter.


Derick says he is “Done” speaking at conferences. Derick ask if that is a “sane thing” to do. Chuck says if the money is good then keep doing it.  Derick shares his thoughts about the doing conferences and the time that is going into it. Chuck mentions that Derick should choose conferences that will payoff it time and the value of the network.


John shares this thoughts about speaking conferences. John mentions that in some situations. Getting on a podcast is more valuable then speaking at a conference.


Chuck mentions planning to go to the podcast movement in July.  Chuck asks if he and Josh made any major strategic plans.  John explains where he and Josh are going with Simple Programmer. John mentions that he is going to fire is VA and hiring someone to answer emails for Simple Programmer, and handle customer service duties.


John talks about the continually growth on his YouTube channel.  John ask about setting up a Patreon account for his YouTube channel. Derick talks about try it and monitoring it, while using other types of resources to see if it is worth it.


John mentions that Derick could do Webinars instead of conferences. Chuck talks about an easier way to conduct a webinar. John ask the team to look at Similar Web. Derick’s “Watch Me Code” site shows similarities to the those in the Adult Category.


Type in FREELANCER into the contact form for the discount!


John talks about buying dead sites, to gain a bigger audience? John talks about associations with sites, instead of subscribing. Derick tells John to checkout the book The Automatic Customer by John Warrillow.  Derick has is doubt about the certification idea.


John mentions that he just sold his house in Tampa. Derick is refinancing his house…

Thoughts of the Week

Derick – Insanity is doing the same thing, expecting different results.

John – To think bigger.

Chuck – Take minute to ponder, pray, or meditate…

Resources Mentioned in this Episode 



The Automatic Customer by John Warrillow.