Episode 102 “Trailer Park to Entrepreneur Story”

Episode 102 “Trailer Park to Entrepreneur Story”


Episode 102 “Trailer Park to Entrepreneur Story”


And we’re live! Chuck mentions feeling like an outsider after last the episode with Larry. Chuck talks about taking care of the house duties. Josh talks about the upcoming duties of taking the kids to preschool.


Chuck shares some information on CES, and running into the host of Java Script Jabber. Chuck might do a review for a standup desk company Autonomous.ai. Josh mentions to make sure he does not have to send the desk back after doing a review.  Chuck shares that he bought some new wheels.


Chuck talks about his sales number from conferences and special corporation groups. John mentions find out who the corporations are a scout out how to to get more people in on conference sales. Chuck asks about how to go about talking to the corporations about how they heard of his conferences. Chuck shares that he hired a new developer who is an EntreProgrammers listener.


Chuck talks about changing his title to CEO, so he does not have to do any developing. Chuck is missing his passport.  John talks about how you can fake a passport, but not 5 years of online history.


Chuck talks about expediting a passport so he can travel. Turns out the some travel agencies can help expedite passports, because they have a relationship with the states. John called the process “Paying the Stupid Tax.” Chuck talks about strategically not paying Uncle Sam. Chuck talks about not paying quarterly taxes for a while.  Josh asks how Chuck was able to pay so little on taxes, after 3 years of not paying.


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Lesson learned and Chuck faithful pays his taxes this year. Chuck shares his fool proof plans for keeping up the Uncle Sam share. Chuck also shares that he had some troubles foreclosures, but all is good now.


Josh talks about how things can spin out of control quickly. But, Chuck had the right tools to make things right again.


John mentions at that its best to come clean and in the clear now, rather then when he is making millions. Chuck asks about how to do a Meet Up in Amsterdam during his travels. John gives some details about the meet up he did while on vacation in Amsterdam.


Chuck ask for some advice to do a specialized training. Josh talks about pricing it on the higher end. Josh talks about his coaching sessions per student, per month. Chuck mentions coach on setting up a freelance business. Josh explains the details of charging on the higher end. John talks about how this project is a “next year” idea, and how he should focus on staying the course. John mentions to prepare to ‘crash and burn,’ just incase.


John shares that he put an offer of a house in San Diego. John shares some information about the attractive amenities of San Diego. John is nervous about the possibilities of the big purchase.  John mentions he feels like he is in a position to take on more, and experience more.


John mentions that his YouTube channel hit over 15,000 subscribers and has the same amount of views as the Simple Programmer site.  John talks about going Lego Land and Disney Land.



John talks about some numbers on Simple Programmer. Josh talks about how he tracking the sales on the 97 dollar prices. John talks about hiring a quickbooks guy, and magically gets an approval from quickbooks. Josh talks about some of the complication using Quickbooks. Chuck ask about the plans they offer, Josh give some feedback on the fees and details.


Josh give some details on figuring out his budget for business expense, and profits. Josh talks about a cash basis accounting, because his business is simple.


Chuck talks about using Harvest for invoicing only. EntrePrgorammers share some tools they use for accounting.


Chuck talks about the tellers reaction when he was switching banks. John talks about Chase banks features for private clients.


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John talks about “The Way Of The Superior Man”  by David Deida


Josh talks about finally cracking into entrepreneur.com. Josh reaches out to some connections to contact the editor at Entrepreneur. Josh reaches out to James Clear to get through to Entrepreneur. Josh shares some of the process information and practices of Entrepreneur. Josh mentions his plans to reach out to INC. magazine after Entrepreneur.


Josh mentions hiring a new VA, who have some interest in EntreProgrammers’ show.


John gives everyone feedback about how to ace a job interview. John mentions that Edgar is finally fixed.  John talks about ‘random’ publish issue in Edgar.

Thoughts of the Week

Josh – Pipeline, streamline, and be prolific

John -Don’t take things personally, but as a challenge.

Chuck –  If you want it hard enough and work hard enough, then you can do it.