Episode 101 “Wedgie Of A Lifetime”

Episode 101 “Wedgie Of A Lifetime”


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Episode 101 “Wedgie Of A Lifetime”


And We’re Live! Today the EntreProgrammers welcome Larry from TrackAbout. Larry wants to talks about Skydiving today! Derick mentions the prior episode’s talk about getting over fears and skydiving.


John shares some memories of his time at TrackAbout, and was afraid to fly anywhere on business trips. John explains a panic attack he experienced, and how he was able to conquer the fear by facing the adversity head-on.


Derick shares his approach to conquering his fear of feeling pain when getting tattoos, by focusing on the pain itself.


Larry shares an adventure story of mountain biking and stumbling upon a skydiving festival. Larry talks about different types of skydiving such as: static line jump, tandem jump, accelerated free fall. Larry tells the story about taking the 101 course of skydiving, and describes the details of learning to jump out of a plane.


Larry shares his intense experience of leaving the ground on a plane and getting ready to jump. Larry talks about forgetting all the steps of the skydiving training and finally getting the signal to pull his parachute.  Larry trying to recall how to brake and land with his parachute. Then he remembered after crash landing, the Jump Master forgot to teach him about landing.


Larry explains that he did not have the responsibly of children and marriage to notice the real risk involved of skydiving. Derick talks about his father’s experience with a motorcycle purchase and realizing the risk involved in riding.


John talks about a woman that survived a fall out of a plane at 20,000 feet. Josh asks how this changes his plans to skydive. John still thinks the tandem jump is still on his list.


Larry mentions that some peoples worst fear is public speaking. Derick shares his thoughts about himself when public speaking. John talks about getting energy when speaking publicly. Larry shares his time when playing in a band, and being nervous when his did not practice.


John talks about the certainty and the quality of life that Tony Robbins teaches. Larry talks about the punctuated moments in life, and getting older, and noticing time going by faster.


John, again mentions possibly creating a course on over coming fears. Josh talks about the time he found out John was afraid of flying, and how it was taboo to talk about at TrackAbout.  John talks about choosing to over come fear on your own, verses being coached.


Derick talks about his fear of spiders after getting bit by a brown recluse. Chuck shares his thoughts on fears, and what he considers his worst fear.


John talks about an exercise of making eye contact with people and not smiling. Derick speaks about social norm violations. Josh mentions Tim Ferris’ stunt of laying down in the middle of the floor of a restaurant or store, for no reason. Derick mentions that you should look at your behavior when you are around people, and notice what society has ingrained in you about how to behave in public.


John mentions that there was a period of time when the EntreProgrammers did not talk about Josh’s job at TrackAbout. John asks when Larry noticed  that Josh was about to quit his job at TrackAbout. Derick shares his experience when leaving TrackAbout, and feeling like he was letting people down for leaving.


Derick, Josh and John talk about when they started the EntreProgrammers. Larry mentions he did not have an idea they were in a mastermind together. Larry talks about what the podcast industry needs as far as stats and analytics. Larry says he needs the accelerated playback for listening to podcasts.


John mentions the real reason they started the EntreProgrammers was to shared their entrepreneurial journey. Dericks talks about the transparency in the jobs that they are doing. Josh and Derick shares their thoughts about the culture at TrackAbout.


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John shares how he had quit his job at TrackAbout, and how he was afraid of Larry as well. Larry says “It’s about time!” Josh mentions the famous MacBook that once belonged to Derick, and how everyone who used it after he had left, also doesn’t work there anymore.


Josh talks about the bookkeeper situation with Simple Programmer, and how the bookkeeper needs to be familiar with this kind of business to understand how it works. Here is a discussion about hiring and firing people for varies reasons.


Josh asks Larry about what TrackAbout is doing about Code Challenges. John talks about liking  the real world situation, and how some new hires question the challenges.


Larry talks about the liability of leaks in companies if they permit their developers run blogs or some sort of entrepreneurial outlet.


Josh shares feeling guilty at a job before TrackAbout, and how he decided to leave after a bunch of paid training. Derick shares his experience of leaving his Telerik job and having nothing to do in the last few weeks.


EntreProgrammers share their stories of quitting their old jobs and the irony and inexperience the witness looking back.


Larry mentions that Chuck needs to take a spin at TrackAbout to get in on the stories. Larry shares some of what TrackAbout is up to these days.


A small interjection of had bad Apple is doing.

Thoughts of the Week!

John  –  The happiness in your life is  directly proportion to the amount of uncertainty you are comfortable to live with…

Derick – Embrace your fear!

Josh – Systems and habits, and rhythms

Chuck  – Being ready of opportunity..

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