Episode 100 “Studying Weasels…”

Episode 100 “Studying Weasels…”


Episode 100 “Studying Weasels…”


Alright, We’re Live! Episode 100 and almost 2 years of EntreProgrammers!  Derick mentions he is nervous about his presentation at the JS Remote Conf. with Chuck. Derick talks about the difficultly with condensing information into a few minutes, rather then a couple of hours.


Derick talks about monitoring his numbers with Baremetrics, and more issues with fail charges on customer credit cards.  But things are looking good as most are being resolved as, Derick sends email notices out.


Derick talks about speaking with a friend about doing an annual subscription with Watch Me Code. Derick mentions theses ideas were formed after reading The Automatic Customer.


The EntreProgrammers discuss the different ways Derick could implement a yearly subscription, pricing the subscriptions, and revenue spending. Josh provides ways to look at the analytics and how to form a strategy. Derick is planning to contact Baremetrics about certain ways to view analytics.


Derick mentions that Barometrics barely has 40 more customers then Watch Me Code subscribers. Derick said he is excited about the Visual Designer with Drip. Derick is not happy with PayPal, and how his customers are experiencing problems with the subscription account in PayPal


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Josh and Derick talk about credit card fees, sending money, and trying to collect a pay check. Derick explains the fees in PayPal for Friends & Family, and Goods & Services.


John talks about reading Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto. Josh gives a little insight into the author’s background. Derick mentions The UnSchooling Method!


Josh talks about studying the weasel family? Josh mentions hating the practice of teaching children something they don’t need to know. John talks about the importance of teaching Math and Reading to children. Josh and John discuss home-schooling and non-traditional education models for children.


John shares his vision of a Utopian society of entrepreneurs.


John might see Tony Robbins again in March. Josh talks about getting banned from Facebook, and how some people will attempt to re-establish uses of Facebook by using different computers and accounts. Josh shares his thoughts on Content Marketing, and how he dislikes not bringing value.


Josh talks about writing article for P90X and Trello, but does on rank for searches. Josh speak on reaching out to entrepreneur.com to get some articles out as a guess post. Josh talks about a Copywriting tag on their site, and that nobody owns that section. Josh talks reading the book Wire For Story and using this book as content for a blog.


John talks about Glen Allsopp’s blog on 6,595 Words on a Traffic Generation Tactic You’re Not Using (But Should Be).


Josh talks about unwinding and working on guess blogging. Josh is trying to figure out why he is having a difficult time with guess blogging and ‘hitting a wall.’ Josh wants to merge two disciplines of Copywriting and Storytelling.


With Josh’s plans, John ask if Josh is still wanting to work with Simple Programmer. Josh confirms he is still interested, and his plans are for a later time. Josh talks about the storytelling strategy and what makes a good rounded story for marketing purposes.


Josh mentions he wants to work up to publishing one blog post per week.  Josh is working on writing 800 words a day, and then adding 100 words as things progress.


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John talks about stressing out with catching up with and doing refunds on his courses.  Josh suggests that someone else should take care of processing refunds, rather than John himself. John talks about the numbers ‘How to Market Yourself’ should hit, to break even. John shares that he had a talk with his editor about the quality of posts, and maybe cutting back on posts per week for quality sake.


John is talking about getting ‘How To Market Yourself’ up to 5K per month. John gives a breakdown of the current sales. Josh is not sure about the numbers, and maybe sticking with the 97 dollar price.


John thinks the Bogging Workbook might be hurting the How To Market Yourself sales.

Thoughts for the Week

John – Sometimes you need to just hold the line…as much as you can.

Josh – Re-examine your assumptions…