EntreProgrammers Episode 58 “If She Doesn’t Float, We Burn Her”

EntreProgrammers Episode 58  “If She Doesn’t Float, We Burn Her”

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1:07 – We’re Live!

2:28 – EntreProgrammers Retreat, December 4-5, 2015, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Workshops on email marketing, podcast, brand building, etc. Sign up for the mailing list and stay up to date with detail as they develop. http://entreprogrammer.com/retreat2015

Chuck shares his week

9:53– Chuck’s Kick-starter campaign reached it’s funding requirements! Time to record videos, and begin work.

This is a great example of entrepreneurial planning. Chuck decides from multiple point of view how he should maximize on the screencast he is going to market. There are several approaches he is using to market; in this case, email is one ways in this particular market that is used to reach out.

Josh talks about soccer ball…a job Josh was looking into

19:41– Josh receives advice for the EntreProgrammers about techniques on following up, and creating a conversation to get the next interview.   John talks about understanding the employer’s need and be confident enough to carry out these duties.

Chuck: “Hulk wants job…now!” or give this approach a shot.

Virtual Office tools

26:45 – John buy Boomerang, a Gmail plugin that help you follow-up. John is trying to connect with Chad Fowler, and Chuck has some connections. http://www.boomeranggmail.com

Josh shares a similar plugin called Streak a free Gmail plugin. https://www.streak.com

30:04 – John’s book, Soft Skills, is on the front page for the ultimate list of programming books. http://simpleprogrammer.com/2015/03/23/the-ultimate-list-of-programming-books/

John has a plan or technique to help Soft Skills in sales, is to make associations with other books in the best-seller list. This is a simple, but affective way to market.

36:00Minimalist or Essentialism

John talks about focusing on one project at a time, and completing project that will be used through out the rest of the year. These new ideas are to create a new book, along with 52-blog post scheduled for a weekly release. This blog post will coincide with the book. The main point is to create this material within a 2-month time period and schedule the material for the rest of the year. Next, to is complete all the video material for Simple Programmer within a month, for the rest of the year. This allows for focusing on one project, instead of juggling several.

42:21 – Josh ask what things John plans to cut out of his task.

  • Some Workouts
  • Get Up and Code!

45:46 – Derick directs Johns attention to author, blogger, Chris Strom. http://japhr.blogspot.com

50:32 – John is about to up his video quality soon.

58:00 – John charts out the hour of his week.

  • Blog =3 hours
  • YouTube = 2 hours
  • EntreProgramers = 2 hours
  • Email =10.5 hours
  • Get up an Code = 1 hour
  • Speaking Engagments = 7 hours
  • Guest Post = 4 hours
  • Anthony at Health Care
  • Doug = 1 hour
  • Twitter = 3 hours
  • Zephyr = 1 hour

Total about 35ish hours


1:00:00 – The EntreProgrammers talk about the pros & cons of breaking the cycle of work. Watch and listen closely to the possible drawbacks and successes involve in taking a cessation in your regular schedule.

1:11:17 – Josh had his conference, Get Clients in 30 Days as a Copyrighter Conference.

Josh idea is to target software companies for clients. Josh attempts to get one on one time with Bob Bly. He manages to get the teacher’s pet treatment form Bly.

This proves the social and communication skills entrepreneurs have to possess to make successful networking and connections.

1:27:43 – The EntreProgrammers talk about the Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss great book for adding to entrepreneurial skill set.

Speaking at Conferences

1:30:00 – These programmers discussing value in participating in conference as a keynote speaker. Is it worth the time? What kinds of opportunities does this attract? When should you speak at conferences?

1:34:30 – Chuck has other appointment to keep, iPhreaks and such.

1:39:07 – John an actor? What?

1:45:31 – Josh and the programmers decided that speaking at a conference may give leverage to a “new comer” in the field.

1:46:03 – John recommends the book, Traction


Thought for the Day

Derick – It’s not about being perfect, it about progress

John – Focus on what is essential

Josh – Don’t be content to stand inline

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