EntreProgrammers Episode 57 “It’s a Full-Time Job, Trying to Not Have a Full-Time Job”

EntreProgrammers Episode 57 “It’s a Full-Time Job, Trying to Not Have a Full-Time Job”

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EntreProgrammers Episode 57

“It’s a Full-Time Job, Trying to Not Have a Full-Time Job”

Small Talk

1:07 – All right We’re Live! Minus Josh? How is everyone doing?

1:24 – Chuck is all right and Derick is stressed, time for some R&R. Derick finishes a screencast of rabbitmq.

2:10 – A little bit of Apple product malfunctions happened with these EntreProgrammers. Magic or Tragic track pad problems and MacBook Pro screen issues. Apple Customer support gives John special treatment.

Moral of the story: Quickly document issues with the company as soon as you experience problems, especially within the one-year warranty.

Theses Gents express their affinity with Mac products, but still the… usefulness of a PC. I’m a Mac…Hello PC.

11:41– A quick allegory of how these programmers meant. TrackAbouthttps://corp.trackabout.com

Derick takes the floor

14:11 – Derick, completes a production deploy! Wow this guy just did a huge service! Check it out! Change the mainframe…Kill the batch process.

19:43 – Dericks projects: Rabbitmq screencast series complete! Next project please. SpaceCityJS preparations are being processed. Derick talks about how he plans to package and market these products. The end goal is to maximize.

This section is a great resource on project plans and how to implement new products for the market. (Excellent resource for entrepreneurial action plans)

Johns takes the spot light

25:13 – John extra business, and needs to delegate new projects to employees.

Dereck shares how the new projects, including information on Hotjar.com, and how use this service. https://www.hotjar.com

John gives insight on how to strategize with your employees. Plans to 7X or 10X…

John talks about how he uses ClickBank http://www.clickbank.com

34:00 – John’s ideas in revamping how Kanbanflow works? https://kanbanflow.com

Check these ideas out!

39:40 – Entrepreneurial Terms – MRR: Monthly Recurring Revenue.

40:36 – Johns shares shattering ideas on Simple Programmer. Badges!

42:11 – New video project ideas for the his Youtube channel.

43:16 – John’s talks about his new theme on the Simple Programmer website. http://simpleprogrammer.com

49:01 – Chuck shares how he tempted to migrate from Jekyll to WordPress.

50:45 – Johns post on “The 11 rules all programmers should live by” goes viral on Twitter, 1037 shares, and 33,000 page view in its 2nd day. http://simpleprogrammer.com/2015/03/16/11-rules-all-programmers-should-live-by/

This section is an excellent example of an entrepreneurial mind at work. John is continuously researching ways to grow his already successful, Simple Programmer Company. John sorts through ideas to out-source tasks, marketing new projects, shooting HD videos for the YouTube Channel, to analyzing statistics for areas that could use improvement, down to optimizing the SP page for leisure and effective experience. Follow these examples, and you’re bound to conquer your next venture.

Chuck takes the floor

53:37 – Chuck identifies with being buried in work coming from a 6 week Conference marathon. Next big project is the Kick-starter Campaign for Rails Clips.

57:23 – Chuck is going to continue client projects.

1:00:44 – John advises on Buying Freedom, and thriving on the cyclic achievement.

1:01:37 – Derick praises Avdi Grim for his success in completion of his checklist. Read it at: http://journal.avdi.org/2015/03/18/exit-0/ or http://about.avdi.org. A possible guess, maybe?

Here is some discussion of financial freedom, wealth building, and when, where, and how to make this work. John talks about idea of merging the EntreProgrammers into one empire?

1:18:24 – Chuck was approach to train a company in Atlanta. Here is information on how to charge for a training project.

Johns shares information on how to set rates from PhilSimon.com http://www.philsimon.com/about-phil/rates/

Derek shares how his screencast Watch Me Code, is essential a secondary approach train in person.

1:29:03 – Here is John’s hack on training.

1:32:00 – Entrepreneurial Terms – Short Term Money Grabs

1:32:36 – Chuck approach by PodTrac http://podtrac.com. Derick shares to be careful with 3rd party advertisements. The team gives some feedback on the pro and cons of utilizing a 3rd party service.

This is a great discussion, advice and consulting with specialists about what to do in your next move. The EntreProgrammers are a great example of a small mastermind community that sees advice from within the mastermind group. Build your own mastermind team!

1:51:44 – Fight against piracy!

155:40 – John’s audio book picks:

Essentialism by Greg McKeown,

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey

Thoughts for the Day!

Chuck – If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no

John – Piracy is wrong!

Derick – It’s ok to take a break

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