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  • Episode 10 The Arena of Quack

    Episode 10 The Arena of Quack

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast The reality of it is, being a good entrepreneur can also mean being healthy – good things come from good health. The EntreProgrammers, always transparent in this podcast, reveal some of their health issues in a heated debate on medical and chiropractic quackery. John, Josh and Derick take a look at elements […]

  • Episode 9 The Weekly Editor

    Episode 9 The Weekly Editor

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast The EntreProgrammers Josh, Derick and John start by ripping into the iPhone; good phones, bad phones. This entrepreneurial discussion grants new perspective on the good, the bad and the ugly iPhones. Derick goes into drama mode, not feeling well all week long, but perks-up to report good news about his relentless efforts […]

  • Episode 8 Love My Headphones

    Episode 8 Love My Headphones

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast Josh, Derick and John start with good headphones, bad headphones. The discussion goes to subscribers and John shows how unpredictable an audience can really be – even a long-time loyal fan base can trick you into making wrong predictions in marketing behavior. Auto-responder techniques are extremely high on the Entreprogrammers things-to-do list; […]

  • Episode 7 Mentally Kickin’ My…

    Episode 7 Mentally Kickin’ My…

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast Josh has a rough week and bares it all. Derick’s Twitter ads go south; they were generating traffic but no conversions; he admits forgetting to install conversion tracking. John shows how important its use can be in providing useful marketing information; then, John bares all. Here’s a marketing tip for you: It’s […]

  • Episode 6 Income Tax Panic Mode

    Episode 6 Income Tax Panic Mode

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast EntreProgrammers John, Derick and Josh get into it with resolutions for Derick’s income tax panic mode. What are some solutions to taxes in the efforts of entrepreneurial financial management? Derick bares it all to help others who are experiencing the same “tax man” nightmare. John’s argument shows that real estate is the best […]

  • Episode 5 John’s Rollercoaster Ride

    Episode 5 John’s Rollercoaster Ride

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast John talks about his rollercoaster ride and Mailchimp’s time warp in Malaysia. The idea of cross promotion is discussed. Theme prices appear to be a rip-off and solutions to this are suggested. The powerful flexibility and quickness of execution are recognized as being a great advantage that Entreprogrammers created within their partnership. […]

  • Episode 4 Josh’s Not Sure If Moment

    Episode 4 Josh’s Not Sure If Moment

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast John introduces a new hip-hop jingle causing Josh to have a “not sure if moment.” While Derick, laughing, has to make sure it gets played during this episode. John defends the $5 jingle then segues into experimentation “bottom third.” The team gets into it; Josh is a “little scared” when checking his […]

  • Episode 3 This Works

    Episode 3 This Works

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast John Sonmez and author Josh Earl discuss marketing strategies that work while Derick spends some time in Canada. Josh gives examples of books that he has recently sold and the implementation process of his marketing approach that he developed and used to sell his books.

  • Episode 2 Get Balanced

    Episode 2 Get Balanced

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast Programmers, entrepreneurs John Sonmez, Derick Bailey and Josh Earl discuss the obstacles and solutions to the balance of work and lifestyle – a constant battle that all of us face from time-to-time. Insight to dealing with this dilemma surfaces in the transparent analysis of Derick’s, sometime’s awkward approach to the art of […]

  • Episode 1 Getting Started

    Episode 1 Getting Started

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast This is the first episode of EntreProgrammers where John, Josh and Derick talk about what the podcast is and introduce themselves. Then, they get right into business and show you what it’s like to be an entrepreneurial developer! These podcast by The EntreProgrammers contain a wealth of information for anyone involved with […]