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  • Episode 34 Warrior Diet

    Episode 34 Warrior Diet

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast Humans replaced by code? What’s good in the computer market? What’s the warrior diet? Programming robots? Why doesn’t Josh like iPhones? Derick’s Kindle Paperwhite is a lie? Derick refers to an EntreProgrammer fan, Matt Kremer, who offers a great deal of valuable information. Visit Matt’s web site at: A rather confusing […]

  • Episode 33 Seneca’s Letters

    Episode 33 Seneca’s Letters

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast The EntreProgrammers analyze different aspects that make-up a great entrepreneur; things get started with diet, after John explains an uneventful 10 hours of flight to get home. Diet, of course, is extremely important to the success of an entrepreneurial effort. Yes, you are what you eat which includes making business choices based […]

  • Episode 32 Marcus Aurelius

    Episode 32 Marcus Aurelius

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast Derick talks about his production schedule with WatchMeCode, just after spending 2.5 hours behind the mic. The approach that John recommended 2 weeks ago is now working for Derick as he focuses on one project for one week. Derick’s description of his production schedule is a lesson in itself to all entrepreneurs […]

  • Episode 31 Nice! Nice!

    Episode 31 Nice! Nice!

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast John, who didn’t know how to program his alarm clock, was almost a no-show as a result. That’s because time just does not exist in Hawaii. Josh wants to hear all about John’s book, so John gives the details – about 1,000 sold, so far – along with future marketing plans. John […]

  • Episode 30 Discipline Merely Habit

    Episode 30 Discipline Merely Habit

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast Derick is making behavioral changes in his project line-up. This week is screen cast; next week, Signalleaf. Is Derick aware of the psychological phenomenon wherein a change of behavior will also bring temporary anxieties? These anxieties have been known to force an individual to stay in her/his comfort zone which means that […]

  • Episode 29 Existential Crisis

    Episode 29 Existential Crisis

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast Can you help Josh find himself? It takes a long time to know who you are and this EntreProgrammer is in the middle of an entrepreneurial career shift which is causing him to feel a little anxious. During a behavioral change anxieties do occur, but they are temporary. Could it be that […]

  • Episode 28 Author Craig McKeachie

    Episode 28 Author Craig McKeachie

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast John is in Hawaii. Still? Derick broadcasts from Texas and Josh talks from Pennsylvania; and The EntreProgrammers have a special guest, author Craig McKeachie who is broadcasting from his house. How long does it take to write a book? The EntreProgrammers and Craig tell you. Craig is the author of: JAVASCRIPT FRAMEWORK […]

  • Episode 27 Live by the Sword…

    Episode 27 Live by the Sword…

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast (Background SFX: Birds of Hawaii) In recent episodes, Derick explains that he has several irons in the fire and isn’t quite sure where to put his focus. This episode reveals a totally focused Derick; and his focus is Signalleaf. Clue in to this episode for major upgrades to the podcast site, Signalleaf. […]

  • Episode 26 The Freaks of Data

    Episode 26 The Freaks of Data

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast Ok, information freaks, you heard it here first; we are talking about the cutting-edge of technology. Josh speaks about his experience of being introduced to mixpanel. What’s that? You absolutely need to see it for yourself: I’m the fast kid on the block; I need it now: ~ The Data […]

  • Episode 25 Life’s Hurricanes

    Episode 25 Life’s Hurricanes

    The EntreProgrammers Podcast Josh is stuck in traffic and John is stuck in a hurricane – well, sort of. The weather forecasts are blowing things out of proportion, says John and another hurricane headed his way. The mountains will stop this one. Josh is still tied-up in traffic with no lap top and Derick isn’t […]