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  • Episode 408 “Behaviors in Success”

    We’re Live. There’s a specific scenario where your goals are met, success is finally here and what most people do is start relaxing during this process, which is a big mistake. Josh asks John for tips and standard processes during this time, it is always a good idea to be prepared for what’s coming.  Thought […]

  • Episode 407 “Different Kinds of Problems”

    We’re Live. The topic for this week fluctuates through the many types of issues that the guys go through in their entrep[neurship, regarding that most of the issues, can be common but not all of them affect them the same way. There’s an interesting debate on how to tackle these situations and how much the […]

  • Episode 406 “Seize Momentum”

    We’re Live. Josh asks the guys for advice on when to apply certain kinds of ads or what social media platform to use to promote your business, there’s no actual right answer for this. John and Mani share different perspectives on how the main focus in the decision-making process should be momentum. Capturing that frame […]

  • Episode 405 “Aggressive Approach”

    We’re Live. Dealing with clients will always be a hassle, Josh comes up to the plate with a situation concerning some types of clients that are not complying or not completing the process. An Aggressive approach is the focus here, the guys have an interesting debate on how to do this and how to make […]

  • Episode 404 “Touching Base”

    We’re Live. Mani is back to the usual roundabouts and gets started checking everything is running smoothly. John is currently on the same page getting some numbers on tracks and making sure where the traffic is coming from. One of the main types of traffic is warm traffic, both guys start analyzing and explaining thoroughly […]

  • Episode 403 “Unique Style”

    We’re Live. Guys start a very interesting debate on how to make youtube channels work. This si something that can be confusing sometimes, one of the first topics is content and as it turns out it is not the main factor. Competition in the platform is over the top, finding an unique style is one […]

  • Episode 402 “Perspective of Reality”

    We’re Live. Josh proposes a very interesting topic regarding masculinity and being a man and how to approach life in all general aspects to become a better person and apply this to all your goals and purposes. John tells it straight, it s about being real and accepting the facts. Great conversation on how to […]

  • Episode 401 “Strategic Thinking”

    We’re Live. Under any kind of entrepreneurship, the constant that will always come up is decision making, whether is hiring new staff or even letting go of them, where to invest, what to invest, etc. Strategic Thinking is a must in this field. Great discussion surrounding the next steps for the three guys that will […]

  • Episode 400 “Creating Superior Content”

    We’re Live. First of all, there’s so,e big news regarding Entreprogrammers, it’s currently a rebranding! So stay tuned to see a new face! The Content that social media has at the moment is extremely variant and different, to say the least. Publishing superior content will not only make you stand out from the crowd but […]

  • Episode 399 “Sharing Strategies”

    We’re Live. One of the main focuses of this podcast is to share current strategies that are being applied to get feedback and get the best possible outcome. John leads the way on main strategies based on Social media, ads, etc. Thought of the week John – “Engagement is not exactly the most important factor […]