Category: Podcast

  • Episode 403 “Unique Style”

    We’re Live. Guys start a very interesting debate on how to make youtube channels work. This si something that can be confusing sometimes, one of the first topics is content and as it turns out it is not the main factor. Competition in the platform is over the top, finding an unique style is one […]

  • Episode 402 “Perspective of Reality”

    We’re Live. Josh proposes a very interesting topic regarding masculinity and being a man and how to approach life in all general aspects to become a better person and apply this to all your goals and purposes. John tells it straight, it s about being real and accepting the facts. Great conversation on how to […]

  • Episode 401 “Strategic Thinking”

    We’re Live. Under any kind of entrepreneurship, the constant that will always come up is decision making, whether is hiring new staff or even letting go of them, where to invest, what to invest, etc. Strategic Thinking is a must in this field. Great discussion surrounding the next steps for the three guys that will […]

  • Episode 400 “Creating Superior Content”

    We’re Live. First of all, there’s so,e big news regarding Entreprogrammers, it’s currently a rebranding! So stay tuned to see a new face! The Content that social media has at the moment is extremely variant and different, to say the least. Publishing superior content will not only make you stand out from the crowd but […]

  • Episode 399 “Sharing Strategies”

    We’re Live. One of the main focuses of this podcast is to share current strategies that are being applied to get feedback and get the best possible outcome. John leads the way on main strategies based on Social media, ads, etc. Thought of the week John – “Engagement is not exactly the most important factor […]

  • Episode 398 “Marketing Equity”

    We’re Live. The guys start with a roundtable of ongoing projects that each has and is it going and giving each other great feedback to improve the whole process. One thing that came in common is Marketing Equity, there are just so many projects going on that there’s a point that focus is lost, so […]

  • Episode 397 “The Real Struggle”

    We’re live. One of the many problems that clients encounter is that they don’t really understand how the process of any endeavor works or even worse than that, they can’t trust the process. This seems to be a recurring problem with some of John’s Clients, finding out that there’s actual work that they need to […]

  • Episode 396 “Analyzing the Wreckage”

    We’re Live. Mani some stuff that did not work out as planned, but he’s not quite sure what exactly failed in the process. He and John start analyzing the whole scenario to find out and improve upon it. It is quite normal that this kind of problem arises from time to time, but as always […]

  • Episode 395 “Setting The Right Filter”

    We’re live. John and Mani get the conversation going with how the process of admittance in their programs should be, getting the right client is the core foundation that the program needs to work. There are definitely many ways to filter clients or even get an onboarding process, this is going to entirely depend on […]

  • Episode 394 “The Hot Seat”

    We’re Live. Today the guys are starting off with a new segment called the hot seat, where each of them gets a specific amount of time to show any kind of issue on his entrepreneurship and get the feedback needed to get the best possible solution. Definitely, an interesting way to solve problems and get […]