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Are you experiencing problems with potency? Have you ever misfired in bed? Vidalista is a great solution to all your erectile problems from India. One tablet of this wonderful drug will forever change your sex life, and it will once again sparkle with new emotions.
Why should I choose Vidalista?
Do you want to experience incredible sexual pleasures and go on new sexual adventures? Buy Vidalista online and taste all the benefits of this popular Indian ED medication. Among other things, you’ll experience:
• Powerful erection
• High endurance
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Vidalista dosage form
Centurion Laboratories produces Vidalista in the form of oblong, biconvex tablets. The pills are yellow and distributed in convenient packages of 10 pieces in a blister.
The composition of the generic Cialis
What is the secret of Vidalista’s effectiveness? Of course, it’s a uniquely-powerful formula that has long proven its effectiveness. Tadalafil is the main generic active ingredient of the drug.
How does Vidalista work?
ED drug eliminates the cause of erection problems. Tadalafil relaxes the muscles of the penis, expanding the vessels, so that blood evenly fills the cavernous body of the organ. As a result, a man gets a powerful erection for passionate sex.
How to use ED drug correctly?
Take one pill and wash it down with the necessary amount of water. Take the drug an hour before the planned sex. After 30 minutes, with natural arousal, you’ll have an erection essential for sexual intercourse within 36 hours.
Does Vidalista have any side effects?
Generic Cialis does not cause any dangerous side effects, but in some cases, you may feel:
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Allergic reaction