Author: Eric Begay

  • Episode 250 “Profitable Funnels”

    Episode 250 “Profitable Funnels”

    We’re live.  John talks but the trying to cancel the Pennsylvania tax form. John talks about trying to fill out a cancelation form for Pennsylvania taxes.  John mentions that Bulldog Mindset is ready as far as logos and website. Mani asks about the load time on the website. Mani suggests a website speedup process.  Chuck […]

  • Episode 249 “Charm the Pants Off Anyone”

    Episode 249 “Charm the Pants Off Anyone”

    We’re live. Mani having some tech issues. Chuck mentions that he is 39 today. Chuck talks about being pulled over. Also, mentions that his truck was not registered and had an expired license due to medical issues. John says Chuck is lucky he did not get his car impounded for not having an up to […]

  • Episode 248 “Pomodoro Action”

    Episode 248 “Pomodoro Action”

    We are alive! John pokes fun as Mani still work on his pomodoros. Chuck jokes that he just started his Pomodoro. John maps out his week of us and shares his intense workload. Productivity to its max. John talks about having to be downtown to do a marketing meeting. Also, trying to fit all exercising […]

  • Episode 247 “Grind It Out”

    Episode 247 “Grind It Out”

    Full house today, Everyone picks on Josh about being gone and doing some Black Friday shopping. John mentions that finally sold somethings. Josh talks about the recent Plural Sight promotion. Josh talks about the new direction Plural Sight has taking since they’ve become public, in competition with Udemy. Josh continues with the promote terms with […]

  • Episode 246 “Black Friday Tactics”

    Episode 246  “Black Friday Tactics”

    John and Mani start the show talking about their Black Friday sales. Mani talks about what he is choosing to put on sale. Mani talks about doing a daily deal, as John says he likes to do bundle sales. John talks about how people how still buy a bundle even if that already own apart […]

  • Episode 245 ” Dancing Bear”

    Episode 245 ” Dancing Bear”

    John and Mani start the show poking fun at Josh buying a minivan. John talks about problems with the website forms on Simple Programmer. John mentions there were some issues with the content upgrade forms.  John talks about creating opt-ins for a new guide. John talks about doing his work for Simple Programmer for the […]

  • Episode 244 “We Be Roll’N”

    Episode 244 “We Be Roll’N”

    John opens the show and throws off Josh. John shows his new Bulldog Mindset designs. John talks about using 99 Designs. John talks about trying to find a non-gangster look for the Bulldog Mindset logo.  John talks about how he chose his logo and merchandise for the BullDog Mindset. Socks are on the list for […]

  • Episode 243 “Chuck and John Show”

    Episode 243 “Chuck and John Show”

      John and Chuck talk about Google Hangouts disappearing soon. Also, finding out ways to do the mastermind call. Chuck talks about using for recording the podcast call. Chuck talks about using Chuck talks about some marketing and email marketing for the sponsorship for the podcasts, and get help from John to execute the […]

  • Episode 242 “Dumb Blind Persistence”

    Episode 242 “Dumb Blind Persistence”

    0:15 We’re Live! John mentions having to hop off soon. John mentions that Josh is not on the podcast because he was not happy with the result they have been getting with the membership drive. John sarcastically says people don’t want him back because no one is signing up for memberships.  3:10  John talks about […]

  • Episode 241 “Do you want fries with that… ”

    Episode 241 “Do you want fries with that… ”

     0:15 We’re live. Josh ask if Mani was standing at his desk. Josh says he has runner knee. Mani and Josh talk about standing and actively standing and working.  John talks about the intensity of running and being on a call at a treadmill. More talks about exercise and working at the same time. […]