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  • Episode 418 “Rushed Out The Door”

    We’re Live. Getting your goals clear in mind is one of the most important things in any entrepreneurship, but sometimes during this journey your goals will derive from your original intentions and become something entirely different. This is where you start doing stuff just to get them out the door, there’s no actual meaning or […]

  • Episode 417 “Win or Lose”

    We’re Live. Under the decision-making process, there’s something that you’ll always have to bare in mind, you can lose. It doesn’t matter if all the chances and probabilities show that you will be successful in your entrepreneurship, there’s always the possibility of losing, and you have to prepare for that moment. John and Josh have […]

  • Episode 416 “Starting New Year”

    We’re Live. John and Mani get back together after a long overdue break in December. 2022 was a year of big changes for both of them, getting stuff out that was not working and all the new and ongoing work that promise to bring great success in 2023. Great conversation catching up and the plans […]

  • Episode 415 “AI Implications”

    We’re Live. Artificial Intelligence has been a sci-fi dream since the ’70s but nowadays is a complete reality, from apps that draw or Ai design to make contracts, there are no limits to the use of these new forms of creations. The guys have an interesting debate on how these AIs are going the change […]

  • Episode 414 “Everything is Negotiable”

    We’re Live. Difficult clients always appear when you’re doing entrepreneurship, there can be ones that have zero collab intentions or try to slip dirty things in the contract that can make you lose money, the matter is, it can be resolved. Knowledge is the main factor here, to get a clear understanding of the situation. […]

  • Episode 413 “Adapt and Overcome”

    We’re Live. The final days of the year are coming and the guys are checking everything out on their content. Adapting to the situation has been the constant in these passing years many ups and downs but the answer is always the same, adapt and overcome. Great debate around the many situations that the guys […]

  • Episode 412 “Extending The Reach”

    We’re Live. Social media games will always be evolving, and adapting to the current situation is a must if you want your goals to be met. Recently there’s a new marketing strategy that has proven to be quite effective, but the numbers need a different approach in order to understand them. John starts this off […]

  • Episode 411 “Significant Losses”

    We’re Live. Entrepreneurship will always have risks involved, and this makes things clear, sometimes you will lose money and sometimes it will be a lot. This is part of the process and having the right tools and taking the correct actions at the exact time will make the difference. The guys start a great debate […]

  • Episode 410 “Occam’s Razor”

    We’re Live. Decision-making is a process that any entrepreneur needs to have in their arsenal some situations present a lot of alternatives that can work but some of it could be easier than others. That´s where Occam’s Razor comes in. The principle gives precedence to simplicity: of two competing theories, the simpler explanation of an […]

  • Episode 409 “Ups and Downs”

    We’re Live. Main social media platforms are the best option to promote your entrepreneurship these days. Doing it organically will set you on the right path, but using ads is the next step in this journey. The problem with this is that the platforms are highly irregular with ads. They can work well for some […]