Episode 266 “No Downtime”

We´re Live. Guys start joking about John possibly having Mono, and Mani tells him that he´s pretty sure that he doesn’t have mono because mono is one most horrible experiences he´s had in his life. Apparently, he´s just tired.

Mani is experimenting to find new stuff for his business to grow. He tells its really difficult to sell to other people audiences, but I can be seen as leverage when working as a team, this is happening with Josh and john.

There are new promos that mani is trying but he´s not getting great results, compares numbers with Charles and gives some advice to boost the numbers. They talk about some software that is actually not helping get the goal. Sometimes experimenting with new stuff its not the best way to get to the finish line. Just need to make sure that the mistake it´s not a 200.000 $ one.

Guys make the statement that show notes on podcast are not the best tool to promo a sale, but nevertheless, it should be done correctly in order to get more people to buy, it doesn’t matter if its 2 or 3 sales, they always sum up.

Thoughts of the week

Mani- “Selling to other people audiences it’s the most hard thing to do, but there´s always leverage”