Episode 236 “Josh and Chuck Show 3”

Episode 236 “Josh and Chuck Show 3”

We are live. John and Mani are at Thrive Conference. Not related to Thrive Cart or Themes. Chuck mentions recording some 14 plus EntreProgrammers podcast this week. Chuck also mention some new signups the the My Story podcasts on the Dev Chat TV network. Chuck explain how the My Story shows fit into the Dev Chat TV network.

Chuck continues to explain the type of guests on the My Story Podcasts. Josh talks about interview he did with student of Jason Humphrey. Josh and Chuck talks about their guests and topics that are most interesting to them. Sharing all kinds of perspectives.

Josh ask about the unique guest on the Dev Chat TV network. Chuck explains some of the dynamics between the panelists and guest. Chuck talks about the different perspective and diverse outlook of the panelist on the podcasts. Chuck share that this diversity helps him learn new things.

Chuck talks about the freedom and goals he is working on with his business coach. Chuck says he is going to work hard in the next few months so he can step back form the business. However, he does plan to have a passion podcasts that he want to continue with. Chuck says this shows are on Podcasting and getting a job or working in the business.

Chuck says his only issues is time and having a lot of things to do. Chuck talks about getting in to automation and building out systems. Chuck says he is traveling and still working on his book.

Chuck ask for a suggestion if the needs to hire someone else to handle the sponsorship scheduling. Or should he continue to have Michele do the podcast production and sponsorships tasks. Chuck mention he needs more help with sales calls and selling sponsorship spots.

Josh thinks a non-skilled person can handle this. Chuck says the outreach for sponsorship might get automated to some degree. Chuck explain his plans for outreach. Chuck says he just trying to figure out how to automate the task in the business.

Chuck mentions how he needs people that work for him to help, if needed, to create process. Josh says the good salesperson is a good relationship person. As far as Chuck looking to fill the spot for sales calls. Chuck says he does not want to bring someone in, thinking they have a long-term job. Josh thinks he needs to hire himself a figure out the process.

Josh says getting clarity and honing in on the actual work is difficult. Chuck ask about things on the Simple Programmer end of things. Josh talks about another launch he is about to do. Josh says he is excited about how the contents is coming together. Josh says he is really looking into the prelaunch material.

Josh and Chuck talk about content creation and marketing content like Jeff Walker. Josh talks more about video material and content for people to engage with.

Josh talks more about creating content with John. Chuck talks about the tactics with writing a book and Getting a Job and creating or locking in the theme of a hero’s journey. Chuck talks about how his process is working with writing his book.

Josh talks about rerunning the Plural Sight campaign. Josh talks about the reduced commission from Plural Sight. Josh says this course feeds into the membership. Josh says he is hoping for a 250 sales to boost the membership.

Chuck ask about using WooCommerce but there was an issue with completing the sale with PayPal. Josh says there are always issues with people paying with PayPal. Chuck and Josh continue to uncover issues with the lost sale on Chucks WooCommerces store.

Chuck explains the content of his early copy of this book. Chuck says he is interested in doing some webinars soon. Josh says with launch will be different without John. Josh says this is a good test to see where they are.

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Be willing to challenge what you think the way things are.
Josh – We tend to procrastinate on the things that are most important