Episode 232 “No Longer Making The Pizza”

Episode 232 “No Longer Making The Pizza”


We’re live. Let’s take off our shirts and talk. John is still in Barcelona, and John gives a rundown of other travels after vacation. Chuck mentions some other avid listeners of EntreProgrammers and some activity at VidCon. Chuck talks about the stages of his business and work. Chuck talks about his activity and automation in Zappier for last week. Chuck shares his strategy using Zappier for reminders for podcasts.


Chuck talks about moving off of UpWork with Michelle to a paid salary contractor. John talks about the situation now for Chuck business now rather than in the past with former contractor or workers. Chuck talks about the result he needs with his employees and what they need to document. Chuck continues to talks about the processes he needs to know in his business with John.


John talks about processes and how Grant Cardone manages things. John shares his thoughts on how he would run a service-based business. Chuck shares his thoughts with working with his contractor Michelle. Chuck shares other kinds of technology he uses to run the production of the podcast with Michelle’s help.


Chuck talk about using PipeDrive and Notion for the business.  John talks about saving of money on services, but how things are flowing in the business. Chuck talks about how to work with Notion.  Chuck talks about other DevChat show he host on his network.


Chuck talks about wanting to start on Python show, but has no experience with the language. But he has the knowledge in place to easily start a show and find sponsors. Chuck talks about the automation for social sharing.


John and Chuck talk about using an intern to help with content and building other arms of the business. John talks about what task he would like an intern do to help build the business. Chuck talks about his team meetings with Michelle along with getting his book started with 10k words.


Chuck ask about the things John does in the business. John talks about the plans he has for “The Bulldog Mindset.” John talks about working on the “Bulldog Mindset” first them helping with Simple Programmer material. Chuck asked if Bulldog Mindset was separate from Simple Programmer. John thinks this is a separate thing.


John and Josh talk about how their business has moved away slightly from programming and coding, but they still love it. John says they are no longer making the pizza. John mentions the duties of a content creator verses on being a business owner and podcaster.


Chuck talks about sponsors being late on payments and such. Chuck talks about partnerships. John shares his idea with a 50k reserve with their Simple Programmer account. Chuck and John discuss their ideas for reserve accounts. Chuck asked if John is working on the Bulldog Mindset book? Josh mentions he is working on the Instagram platform.


John says that even retired, he like busting his ass and still building other kinds of businesses. John says he is growing in the sponsorship area in the Simple Programmer business. John says he is still connected to the Simple Program channel, which should be separate from Bulldog Mindset. Chuck talks about a self-publishing platform. John talks about helping Chuck with his book launch.


John shares reviews on books and how they leverage to do so. John shares more about the different tasks to launch book. John talks about the optimal price for the recent book. Also having a meeting with Chuck to talk about marketing his upcoming book.


Chuck asks about what John uses to write the book. John says he used Google Docs. John says he would do about 200 pages. John talks about the nuances of selling on Amazon. Chuck talks about how he wants to launch his book.

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – The buck stops here.

John – Pain is good.