Episode 220 “Come at me bro!”

Episode 220 “Come at me bro!”


We are live. Josh mentions being sick of GDPR, and the tons of emails and notifications about the change with Data. John says fuck GDPR. Chuck explains some of the implementations of GDPR. John mentions the VAT Tax. Josh explains the paying of taxes in other countries. Josh talks about his stance on GDPR.  Mani asks about how to be GDPR compliant. Josh explains how marketing and emails will work when becoming GDPR compliant.


Josh talks about how small business will hurt in Europe due to the changes with GDPR. EntreProgrammers discuss more about how GDPR will affect marketing email lists. John says to wait for fo the idiots comply first the wait for the law to rollback.


Josh talks about having to pay California State tax because of some business ties there. Mani talks about some copyright infringement some with the Think and Grow Rich people or owners. John talks about the growth of technology and how our data is everywhere.


John says data should be up to the consumers and how they choose to provide that to business and public. Josh asks about Mani’s meditation course and the email he was receiving. Mani reads his list on how his mediation will help subscribers. Mani talks more about his email list.


Josh talks about the email list for EntreProgrammers. Josh continues to talks about dropping open rate with other business emails. Josh talks about how he saw a drop in open rate as well. John says with the GDPR happening everyone might see some open rates dropping.


Mani talks about the angle he wants to take with selling the mediation course and the survey.  Mani asks about other things he may not have considered with launching the course.  Also some talk on addressing the “woo woo” in the practice. Mani and the EntreProgrammers discuss and address ways to present this course to the email list. EntreProgrammers suggest selling to those who have not tried mediation yet.


Mani jokes about sending an email on what Chuck said about meditation on “Oomm.”  Mani continues to talk about the other content he has and his plans for other products.


Josh and Mani talk about backlinks and how to leverage with backlinks. Josh suggests another way to approach people or other business for backlinks.


John talks about being contacted by a newscaster about one of his videos on being 30 and living in at home. But she misunderstood that John was not living at home with his parents.  John talks about how Skills Soft paid them some money for the license to use the skill guide. Mani asks about the hired writer, and some talk on SEO, and link building with a company they are working with.


Josh says he might be able to get links for 100 bucks a link. Josh says this is about an hour a job, which means the links are worth saving time. Mani and Josh talk about the values of links and how that can create SEO traffic and double the business. Josh talks about working on a blog post and SEO.

Thoughts for the Week

Mani –   Order of consequence

Chuck – Building something different

Josh – Figuring out incremental steps

John – Stoic Philosophy and Reaching a point of contentment