Episode 217 “Buy My $hit!”

Episode 217 “Buy My $hit!”


We’re Live.  John talks about a company with a language learning course that he met with at MircoConf and how they have no email marketing strategy. We need Josh Earl in there. Josh says he needs to open a re-education center for marketing. John mentions how everyone at MircoConf was looking for Josh.


Chuck mentions that his father passed during or after his sister’s wedding. Also, Chuck talked about his traveling to MircoConf and taking care of his family.


Josh asks about their, John and Chuck’s experience was at MicroConf. John says he was asked why he was there, after being retired. John talks about kidnapping a couple of sponsors. John says there were a lot of repeat attendees. John says Josh had a lot of fans at MicroConf. Chuck says he goes to MircoConf to catch up with people.


Josh says Vegas is one big truck stop. Mani says he does not like Vegas to much. Chuck says the marketing of Vegas is based on all the wrong stuff. Mani mentions to he is now writing out his sales page, and asking for proofing from the EntreProgrammers. Josh gives a rundown on what he likes and not likes on a sales page.


EntreProgrammers give Mani feedback and suggestions on the new sales page and their best insight on how to properly market his new Meditation product. John suggests using a guilt to sale the product. Chuck and Josh talk about there reason they do or do not practice meditation. More talk about how to market Mani’s Mediation course.


Chuck suggests that the sales page should not be a huge block of text. But it should be easy to digest and very easy to read. Josh gives an example of what John’s sales pages look like, about the difference on Desktop and Mobile. Mani says he was to share his story and some scientific research on the page. Josh talks about what the proof elements are for Mani’s page.


John suggests using stories on those who decide to meditate later in the game and saw a huge improvement in their personal and business life.  Josh suggests leads with only one thing, and the angle is very important before you talk about the sales page content. Chuck suggest doing interviews with those who are seeing the benefit of meditation, and those who have trouble finding the time to meditate.


John suggests plan be is to use a Justin Bieber meme that says “F-You Buy My Shit!.” Josh and Mani talk about VSL and conversations. Mani talks about how his story starts with one benefit to the next. Josh says to start with one benefit. John says the biggest question is to sell them on how it will not take too much time to meditate.


Josh refers back to a previous promotion they did on JavaScript courses, and the topic of waiting for people to come around. Josh says he agrees with John’s suggestion on to market to those who need to be sold on starting meditation, but already know the benefits of meditation. Mani says TM has done significant marketing on their products. John says he took a poll on his YouTube channel on how many videos he should make per day.  Here are the numbers, 1 per day 30%, 2  per day 9%, more than 2 8%,  3 per week about 53%. Chuck says people do not know what they want.


More talk about the rate of video production and publishing verses subscribers and unsubscribes. John mentions some feedback on a subscriber how talks about low-quality content and number of videos. John breaks down video production and viewers. Maybe fewer videos will get more views from subscribers, versus publishing several videos and multiple views across all of them.


Josh continues with content creation and read/view times. Mani talks about trial and error time, and engagement. More talk about gaining traction. Mani talks about Amanda Bucci and how she transitioned from Instagram to YouTube. Mani suggests John just take off his shirt. Mani says the focus has to be on content and creativity of the video.


John talks about view time on the videos on YouTube and how it is important. John says this is the “5- 10 ways to do something” strategy to get higher view time. John shares some analytics on his highest video views and shares. Mani talks about animation and content creation. Chuck says he likes that they are back to some 2 hour long episodes.


Mani says to this type of video production Johns editor will have to learn to think like a marketer as well.

Thoughts of the Week!

John – Reality is stranger than fiction

Chuck – Take the time out to care

Josh –  Letting go of things and find people to get this done

Mani – Very few things actually matter